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16 Success Stories of SMEs Leveraging Online Reviews


Dec 15, 2020 12:40:52 AM

We know first-hand just how powerful online reviews are, we know they work. We could tell you that Hellopeter online reputation management software can help your company’s revenue increase. We could tell you that using our review platform can help you get found online. We could even tell you that having a customer feedback system is the key to growing a loyal customer base. But, we’ve always believed that show is better than tell.

That’s why in this post, we’re sharing 16 success stories that prove having an online reputation management strategy is essential to growing your business and increasing your bottom line.

1. 1-grid Hosting and Email Services

With Hellopeter online reputation management software, South African web hosting provider 1-grid was able to serve its customers better. They said that regardless of whether it was a positive or negative review, gaining feedback enabled them to learn more about the needs and wants of their audience. This in turn made it easier for the company to acquire customers and maintain their relationships with them for the long haul. Read the full 1-grid case study here.

2. Monitor Administrators - Insurance Administration 

Hellopeter was the key to learning of the bottlenecks in customer service for Monitor Administrators. They used our customer feedback system to see where the issues in the user experience were so that they could circumvent them to make their processes less frustrating, and more satisfying. Read the full case study for Monitor Administrators here.

3. Adrian Jessop Discovery Financial Adviser

An online reputation management strategy is about more than just getting reviews. It’s about using those reviews to showcase all that you can offer your clients. That’s exactly what Discovery Financial Adviser Adrian Jessop achieved in working with Hellopeter - social proof that working with his business could be “an easy, pleasant and satisfying experience.” Imagine being able to provide your prospects with real testimonials that showcase the benefits of working with you. That could be the difference between them buying from you or working with a competitor! Read Adrian’s full case study here.

4. Comet Projects - Fibre Industry 

Hellopeter gave Comet Projects the ability to stand out from the competition by boosting their brand awareness in the field. Comet Projects understood that as HostingTribunal.com says:

“72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.”

They also understood that advertising can get very expensive. Digital word of mouth is much less expensive! Thanks to using our online reputation management software, they increased their sales by 120%! Read the full Comet Projects case study here.

16-Success-Stories-of-SMEs-Leveraging-Online-Reviews-inner-blog5. Cape Removals Furniture Removal Company

Cape Removals learned that by showing rather than telling prospects about past customer service experience, they could secure more clients. Thanks to the social proof from their reviews, they were able to back up their claims that they could help customers have a less stressful moving experience. Read the Cape Removals case study here.

6. HOSTAFRICA - Cloud Solutions and Web Hosting

As a small company, HOSTAFRICA decided Hellopeter was their best solution for their online reputation management strategy. They provide outstanding service to their customers, and Hellopeter enables their customers to leave glowing reviews about that service, which the company can then share to boost their credibility with new prospects.  As a result of using HelloPeter, HOSTAFRICA earned the number one spot in the ISP industry, and built a rock-solid reputation online. Read HOSTAFRICA’s full case study.

7. Naked - Insurance

As an underdog in a competitive market, Hellopeter gave Naked the ability to gather feedback, and adjust their business where necessary to provide the best service possible. Working with our online reputation management software boosted Naked’s credibility, and helped them to become a trusted brand in a saturated industry faster than they ever thought possible. Read Naked Insurance’s full case study.

8. O-YES Properties - Real Estate Agency

O-YES Properties had a lofty goal of being the best ranked Real Estate Agency on Hellopeter. They knew that this would give them a leg up on the competition because it would give them more visibility than they were achieving on social media and their own website. Needless to say, they put a customer feedback system in place that helped them achieve their goal in May 2020, which in turn boosted their search engine ranking on Google, and boosted their business overall as well! Read their full case study here.

9. National Debt Advisors

National Debt Advisors (NDA for short) was already one of the top five debt counsellors in South Africa, but debt isn’t always something people want to talk about, making advertising more difficult. Using Hellopeter, NDA was able to establish a trustworthy online presence, and increase their visibility with reviews that acted as testimonials to encourage prospective customers to work with the company. Though debt is looked at negatively, an influx of positive reviews gave the public something good to read about NDA making people more optimistic about the thought of becoming customers. Read NDA’s entire case study.

10. Diversit-e Smart Trade College

As eLearning continues to grow by leaps and bounds, more and more people are apprehensive about taking classes from companies online. That makes online reviews even more critical - it provides proof positive that you can trust the instructors you are learning from. Hellopeter enabled Diversit-e Smart Trade College to establish themselves as experts, sell more of their training courses, and garner more referrals. Read the full Diversit-e Smart Trade College case study.

11. iKhokha Financial Services

Financial technology companies are built on credibility and trust. Using Hellopeter, iKhokha developed an online reputation management strategy that established them as a trustworthy brand that helps entrepreneurs with the acceptance of payments from debit or credit cards more easily. As HostingTribunal says, “91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family,” and thanks to our software, iKhokha has social proof that they are a trusted mobile payment solution. Read iKhokha’s full case study here.

12. We Buy Cars

Having a customer feedback system gives you valuable insights into the bottlenecks in your business, and helps you troubleshoot the areas that cause the most frustration for your customers. The same was true for We Buy Cars. Using Hellopeter, they were able to gain valuable market research, and deliver a better customer experience as a result. Read the full We Buy Cars case study.

13. King Price

Would you believe that using reputation management software would increase your lead generation by 14%? That’s exactly what King Price experienced working with us. King Price realised that the more reviews they could get, the more testimonials they would have proving their credibility as a business. Though the insurance industry is competitive, transitioning a web visitor into a client becomes much easier when you have reviews from real customers that tell the world you’re a reputable company to work with. Read King Price’s full case study here.

14. Peter's Pet Shop

Everyone wants to boost their ranking in search results, but not everyone recognises the importance of using online reviews to do it. Peter’s Pet Shop was able to directly boost its ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) by getting more reviews about their business. Your business could enjoy the same benefits just by gathering online reviews too! Read the full Peter’s Pet Shop case study.

15. Discovery Insure

Want a loyal fan base? Online reviews are the fastest way to achieve that as Discovery Insure learned. Thanks to working with us, they are enjoying higher customer engagement and loyalty. Reviews give customers a sounding board for how they feel about a company, and a company can use those reviews to make their businesses even better. This shows they care about their clients, and in turn, they are rewarded with more referrals and less churn. Read the full Discovery Insure case study.

16. Sweetie Box

Sweetie Box used Hellopeter’s review software to gain a 19% increase in sales. Thanks to reviews, they earned trust and credibility in their business. While there are many subscription boxes for sweet treats, Sweetie Box was able to establish themselves as a reputable company that keeps their customers happy. Having social proof about purchasing from the company, makes new prospects much more likely to make a purchase of their own. Read Sweetie Box’s case study here.

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