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How HOSTAFRICA earned their number one spot in the ISP industry


Jul 21, 2020 1:01:21 PM

The company

HOSTAFRICA was founded with the purpose of providing South Africans with top-quality cloud solutions and web hosting services. Too often South African companies amass customers and neglect to care for them once payment is received. 

We decided to be the hosting company to provide our customers with world-class support. We at HOSTAFRICA know we provide the best service in South Africa, and our customers know it too. However, if a company’s public reputation doesn’t emanate that, it may as well not be true. Their online presence and brand reputation are vital.

The challenge

We’re a small company and didn’t have the resources to spend on costly advertising to pay for a trustworthy reputation. Instead, we needed to utilise that which we already invest time, money and effort into daily: providing outstanding service

If we could let our excellent performance speak for itself and our customers spread the word, then we could get the exposure we needed to reach potential customers.

The solution

Hellopeter is the largest, most trustworthy review platform in South Africa. It gives all companies a fair, fighting chance to prove their integrity, and gives customers a voice to be heard by everyone, including potential customers. 

Hellopeter gave us the opportunity to build a trustworthy reputation online from the ground up through dedication to each and every customer.

We put in the hours and worked for years, treating customers with the highest regard; and our customers rewarded us for it by sharing their experiences on Hellopeter.


Host Africa

The results

We have earned the #1 spot in the ISP industry and built a trustworthy reputation online. Our public presence has expanded exponentially. Most of our searches online are brand name searches, meaning they are looking for us directly. Our brand name is now our biggest marketer thanks to word-of-mouth.

Furthermore, we know even a single bad review could deter a potential customer, so customer reviews hold us accountable whenever we fall short of our standard and push us to constantly be better, as well as give us the opportunity to make things right with customers we let down. This benefits everyone involved.


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