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King Price: How reviews result in an increase in lead generation


Oct 11, 2018 3:50:15 PM

Industry: Insurance

Headquarters: Pretoria, South Africa

Result: 14% increase in lead generation


“Consumers are spending more time reviewing products and service, and this is where credible reviews and testimonials are helping us to build trust with our clients, and with potential clients. We can track the results of our positive reviews as they translate directly into sales and more happy clients.”

- Johan Barnard, Head of Digital Marketing

The Company

King Price offers short term insurance products and is best known for its car insurance premiums that decrease monthly. The brainchild of CEO Gideon Galloway, the company model was built in an effort to provide insurance policies the average South African can afford. 

Galloway’s thinking is that if the value of a car depreciates monthly (and it does!) why should people have to pay the same amount every month to insure it? Galloway wanted to provide South Africans with peace of mind – without the hefty price tag.

The Challenge

The insurance industry is notoriously competitive. With several competitors, all fighting for a piece of the pie, converting web visitors to leads is an ongoing challenge. 

King Price wanted to increase its online lead generation rate to obtain information about its web visitors in an attempt to convert them into clients. They wanted to find an answer to the question: “How can we get more people to fill in the form and request a quote?”

The Solution

Today’s consumers value word-of-mouth above traditional forms of marketing and, in the online space, this takes the form of online reviews. King Price wanted to assess the power of its online reviews from Hellopeter and test whether these had any bearing on their lead generation efforts.

Although their original landing page referenced online reviews, they weren’t immediately noticeable, appearing at the bottom of their website. They also didn’t reference a third-party review site – which does add additional trust and credibility to the reviews. King Price created an alternative landing page featuring several easily noticeable online reviews that were all attributed to Hellopeter. 

The key difference to the original landing page is that the reviews are far more visible as they’re placed further up on the page. In addition, “Hellopeter” appears below each review, which reinforces the fact that the reviews are from legitimate clients, from a third-party platform, and are therefore trustworthy.

The Result

The insurer receives thousands of web visitors every single day, which means that a 14% increase in lead generation equates to a substantial amount of revenue, as well as a decrease in marketing spend per lead acquired.

King Price had previously A/B tested alternative versions of their landing forms, using colour and layout variations, but saw the best results when using reviews from Hellopeter. By including its Hellopeter online reviews, King Price was able to build a sense of trust and credibility – which, as evidenced by this success, has a direct, positive impact on revenue.

King Price’s success in increasing its lead generation is tangible proof that online reviews foster trust and credibility. Consumers are, understandably, often hesitant to give away their personal information. However, when they’re able to see authentic feedback and interactions from a business’ existing clients, they’re far more likely to engage with the business.

Online reviews play a critical role in building a sense of trust in a business, which in turn helps the business to establish relationships with its potential clients.


Reviews on Hellopeter have helped over one million consumers make better choices. Had an experience you’d like to tell us about?Leave us a review here.


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