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How O-YES Properties rose to number one

O-YES Properties

Jul 9, 2020 9:34:47 AM

The company

We’re a family-run, future-focused business, coming out of 17 successful years of running two Real Estate Franchised offices. We care about our agents and our clients, and view them as our extended family. 

Our aim is to build long-lasting property relationships with every one of them.

The challenge

Our main challenge was to turn what most people perceive as a negative into a positive. O-YES Properties has always pushed our agents to deliver the best customer service they can. We’ve received many testimonials over the years from clients raving about the service they’ve received from our agents and staff. We wondered how we could get this message out into the marketplace other than our own website and Facebook page.

The thought process was that most people perceive Hellopeter to be a negative platform, but what if we could be the best ranked Real Estate Agency on Hellopeter? This would show the service we’re delivering is actually being recognised on an independent forum. 

Most South Africans are aware of and know of Hellopeter, so to be able to have good reviews on a site like this shows that we are bucking the trend of most Real Estate agencies.

The solution

We continued to ask our clients for their feedback and continued to reward our agents who were delivering excellent customer service. We‘ve always been a driven and future-focused company and knew this was a long term goal. This was part of our culture and strategy and if we could deliver this level of service, our clients would tell others, and our brand and our agent's business will grow. 

The Hellopeter Platform gives you access to work with your clients easily, to ask for feedback and due to its established brand, clients are happy and willing to respond. The system is simple to use, and the custom fields allow you to personalise your business page to your brand.

The results

We saw ourselves climbing up the rankings in Hellopeter fast, and in May 2020 we moved to the #1 Ranked agency in the Real Estate sector on Hellopeter!

o-yes properties blog_image-07-07

This was a fabulous achievement for us all, and during lockdown it was the perfect timing to give all of our agents and staff a well-earned boost and a positive story amongst all of the negative news around the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We’ve continued our strategy and our agents are able to prove to their future clients the service they advertise is of a high standard, by directing people to check them out on Hellopeter to see the independent client reviews. 

From a company point of view, we’re able to harness this achievement in social media marketing campaigns, on our website and in e-mail campaigns. We’ve seen a marked change via Google Analytics on how people are finding our brand and business. 

The culture in our business continues to thrive and our agents are holding themselves accountable to always deliver their best and uphold our O-YES brand and achievement.


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