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Monitor Administrators highlight their ethics and values with Hellopeter

Monitor Administrators

Sep 11, 2020 10:58:19 AM

The initial challenge

Monitor Administrator’s pride in ethics and values, providing excellent customer service and treating customers fairly is at our core. We constantly receive raving client feedback and when we saw the initial ratings on Hellopeter we realised that this was not reflective of our service. 

We also noticed and became more aware of where the client encountered challenges in terms of our processes or communication and wanted to change these obstacles into opportunities to change and improve. 

Our motive was to consolidate information and identify where the issues were in order to assist our valued clients by ultimately providing them with a pleasant and informative journey.

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The solution

The first step in our journey was taking ownership of our page! This was a great step as now we’re notified by Hellopeter timeously on all reviews which gives us the ability to effectively respond.

We added additional internal steps to ensure any issues, for all matters within our control, are dealt with - with the end goal of changing our client’s experience from frustration to satisfaction. 

Hellopeter, and in particular Rochelle, have been of great assistance with providing direction in terms of understanding the Platform and being readily available for any and all questions.  

The results

The results speak for themselves. The required effort and implementation of a strategy based on the constant review of our Hellopeter results, and in particular our Industry Ranking, TrustIndex and Net Promoter Score (NPS), the hard work has paid off 10 fold! 

Within a year we grew from being 27th in the insurance industry, up an amazing 19 spaces to rank in 8th place in July 2020 out of 848 companies. Hellopeter has provided our end-user clients and potential business partners clear insight into Monitor’s ethics and values and how we continuously strive to deliver. 

What is of importance is that the Platform is completely independent with the data being provided by those that engage a business. It’s therefore reflective of a company’s ability to problem solve, and most importantly, deliver on promises and provide great service. This gives our clients or business partners peace of mind when choosing to do business with us. 

There’s no price that can be placed on this sort of confidence in our business being demonstrated which is invaluable from a business confidence viewpoint.


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