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How reviews help build trust and enhance business reputation

Diversit-e Smart Trade College

Apr 8, 2020 5:35:12 PM

The Company

We’re Diversit-e Smart Trade College, an online learning platform that teaches people to trade the smart way. Our e-learning courses include Forex Trading Education, Bitcoin CFD, and Stock Market Trading.

The basis of our Clients’ trading success is the fact that they receive personalised coaching and mentoring from our Trading Specialists. Our e-Learning courses allow people to study trading from their home or office at their own pace.

The Challenge

Initially, I was taught by “so-called experts” that Hellopeter is only a platform for Clients to “harm a company’s reputation, make unfair comments publicly, that I would have to pay to respond in an effort to defend my company’s reputation and that I must at all cost avoid my Clients even being aware of Hellopeter”. 

It was only after I had a horrible experience with an insurance company that I felt what it was like being “the Client”. Through this experience, I realised the true value of Hellopeter when they helped me get my claim sorted. 

When I started my own company it dawned on me the importance of having a platform where my Clients can voice their experiences. Considering the industry we are in has an awful reputation, I decided to prove that Hellopeter and other social platforms CAN BE USED EFFECTIVELY to increase both Client and Employee awareness.

The Solution

“Put yourself in the Clients’ shoes…” Our company is driven by values that include being unashamedly ethical and being brutally honest when communicating, even if conversations get difficult. I communicated with my Sales & Support Teams the vision I had and linked a performance incentive to the level of service and support provided to my Clients. The reviews and how speedily a complaint is resolved determine the incentives our teams earn. 

I made our teams realise that Clients can “fire” us and take their money elsewhere. We all are employed, if you would, by our Clients. Without our Clients, none of us have a ‘job’, let alone a company. 

Everyone “bought” into the vision. We started including social reviews in all correspondence to our Clients and also implemented an inhouse Client Survey System.  


The Results

As our Trust Index grew, all of our Employees soon realised the true value Hellopeter added when significantly more prospects started calling to enroll in our products and services. 

The Sales Team is now wary of potential misrepresentations and careful not to “sell their souls” just to get a “deal and earn commissions”. They understand the importance of Relationship Selling and providing Clients with unparalleled service and support. It has also helped us keep the Sales & Support Teams on their toes. 

In turn, this also increased the quality of the Referrals we got since our Clients are not afraid to have their names associated with our product, service or even our industry. 

Our company is not the biggest in our industry, we are actually the youngest at the time of typing this, yet it is evident that even our biggest competitors have started to follow our example. This is awesome to witness because it results in separating the “chaff from the corn” and hopefully exposes the "bullshitters." 

Our Trust Index has also contributed significantly to our recruitment efforts. Future Candidates, our Associates, and Partners see that they are associated with a company truly committed to delivering what we sell. 

I’m also very honoured and proud that the best broker in Africa (for more than 3-consecutive years) has partnered with us when they witnessed the value we add to our Clients’ experience and how our ratings enhance their social image and reputation.

We built trust and enhanced the overall reputation of our business through reviews, which considerably improved our business across-the-board.


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