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How NDA built a powerful presence online to stop losing potential clients

National Debt Advisors

Apr 15, 2020 10:51:20 PM

The Company

We're National Debt Advisors, one of the top 5 Debt Counsellors in South Africa. We offer comprehensive debt solutions for people from all walks of life in financial distress. NDA was born into fruition from CEO Sebastian Alexanderson’s vision to provide a service that allows us to walk hand in hand with our clients on their journey to financial freedom.

The Challenge

Debt is a touchy subject in anyone’s life, National Debt Advisors struggled significantly in the creation of a positive online brand presence. Even satisfied clients are hesitant to leave positive feedback as they want to avoid being associated with debt. This, coupled with an already poor online presence, made it so NDA was obligated to ask the question “How do we effectively improve our online presence?”

The Solution

As with banking, consumers in today's society are incredibly finicky in whom they choose to handle their money. When deciding which organisation will help them with their debt, consumers more often than not look to a company’s online reputation as a reference for whether or not said organisation can be trusted.

With our poor online presence in disarray, NDA was losing many potential clients. It was at this point we contacted Hellopeters’ CEO Alon Rom, who without hesitation met up with the NDA team to offer advice on how we could use the Hellopeter platform in the launching of our soon to be exceptional online profile.

We upgraded our package on Hellopeter from the start, giving us access to several tools that allowed us to analyze highly imperative data. This valuable data, combined with the advice of the Hellopeter team, past case studies and a well-tailored campaign, started the beginning of a huge shift for NDA.



The Result

After launching the new campaign, NDA saw the volume of our reviews increase by 400%, the majority of which were 5-star reviews. With the increase in the number of reviews, came a 200% increase in our overall online rating, a 50% increase in our trust index and an enormous jump from being 65th in the industry to 2nd in just 2 months. 



Adding to the amazing results mentioned above, the added features from our newly purchased Hellopeter package allowed us to display all of the above positive metrics on our website for all to see. Thus placing NDA in a positive light and solving our initial problem of gaining a reputable online presence.


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