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How We Buy Cars uses Hellopeter to gain invaluable insights


Oct 15, 2018 10:35:03 AM

Industry: Automotive

Headquarters: Centurion, South Africa

Result: Insights and troubleshooting

One of the benefits of online reviews – both positive and negative – is that they provide you with authentic feedback from your consumers. Instead of hoping that your products and services are up to par, online reviews provide you with specific feedback about the things you’re doing well, and the areas that require your attention and improvement.

One business that uses Hellopeter to their advantage is We Buy Cars. They use our platform to extract insights into their customer base, and as a result, they’re constantly moving their business forward. 

By embracing both positive and negative reviews, Hellopeter has become a valuable market research and insight tool for them.


We Buy Cars uses Hellopeter to measure customer sentiment and ensure that they’re meeting and exceeding expectations

Dirk Van Der Walt, Director of We Buy Cars says, “By looking at the common themes of review patterns, as well as the frequency and rate at which they’re posted, we have an accurate gauge of how our customers perceive us”. 

As well as using the Platform as a market research tool, We Buy Cars also uses it to connect with their consumers and keep abreast of any issues or complaints, allowing them to identify and rectify them as soon as possible. 

In addition, by collecting online reviews on Hellopeter, We Buy Cars provides potential consumers with authentic and transparent information about their business – two qualities highly valued by today’s shoppers.


Instead of shying away from negative reviews, We Buy Cars considers them as a source of invaluable information

Rather than ignoring negative reviews, we use them to improve our business,” says Van Der Walt.  Information gleaned from negative reviews helped We Buy Cars improve their processes when they noticed complaints about staff who were slow to follow up with their clients. 

The business deals with high volumes of consumers daily, which means delayed responses can occur from time to time. Thanks to their online reviews on Hellopeter, they were able to identify and address the issue. 

Without this feedback, We Buy Cars would have been oblivious to the fact, and their business may have suffered as a result.


Another issue that became clear from We Buys Cars’ online reviews was confusion about the new Consumer Protection Act

Many consumers had expressed concern over how the new Consumer Protection Act (CPA) affects them – including We Buy Cars customers. After noticing that there were several reviews where consumers expressed their concern, the business was able to mitigate against further confusion by installing noticeable plaques at the entrances to all of their premises, which explained how their sales agreements mesh with the new CPA. As a result, We Buy Cars was able to ensure that customer expectations were managed from the get-go.


Positive online reviews about a super-star staff member enabled We Buy Cars to up their sales game across the board

It’s not only negative reviews that contain vital feedback: positive reviews have also helped We Buy Cars to pinpoint their strengths. Says Van Der Walt, “One salesperson was receiving so many compliments, we studied his way of doing things and got others to follow suit.”

By keeping an eye on all of their reviews, We Buy Cars is able to continuously monitor their performance through the eyes of their consumers, and as a result, improve it. 

When their customers speak up, We Buy Cars listens – an approach that has made them synonymous with great customer service, and has them as one of the stand out brands on Hellopeter.

Reviews on Hellopeter have helped over one million consumers make better choices. Had an experience you’d like to tell us about? Leave us a review here.


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