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Flexible plans for all business sizes.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a startup, Hellopeter has a plan to help you grow.


From 50 review invites p.m.
From 5 review credits p.m.

Starts at
Per MonthPay Annually
Monthly Anually Save 10%

GROWTH includes:

  • Customisable email invite templates
  • SMS review invites
  • Photo reviews
  • Google review collection
  • Google review monitoring management
  • Facebook review tab
  • Social Ads
  • Customisable on-site widget library
  • Full review & invite performance analytics
  • Google & Net Promoter Score analytics


From 7200 review invites p.a.
From 600 review credits p.a.

Starts at
Per monthPaid annually

All the greatness of GROWTH, and:

  • Multi-location review collection
  • Advanced review management
  • Advanced notifications
  • Competitor analysis
  • Advanced Google search insights
  • Multi-user logins
  • Full API access with support

Hellopeter helps businesses from small to enterprise grow a trusted online reputation.

What our customers say

“We have noticed such a great response since being more active on Hellopeter. It has truly made a difference in our business”
- iKhokha
“Thanks so much for the notes and tips – we’ve already started applying some of them! The draft responses option is a great time-saver”
- Dotsure
“We’ve moved to 10th place in Insurance, I am aiming for number 1 by the end of the year! You are just amazing”
- Monitor Administrators
“Hellopeter contributes to the success of Medihelp as far as our growth, positive image and reputation is concerned”
- MediHelp
“Thank you so much for your kind assistance, Hellopeter whom I did not like before is now becoming my best ally, thanks to you”
- A&B Movers
“Hellopeter is a source for potential clients to verify legitimacy within the industry which we support wholeheartedly.”
- Cape Removals
“Customers increasingly use reviews to influence decisions. Hellopeter provides us with an easy way to grow a trusted online presence.”
- Isabella Garcia
“Having a quality customer experience index, enabled by a trusted 3rd party platform, is crucial to supporting our buyer journey.”
- Yoco
“Our star rating increased by 2 stars and our industry ranking moved from 70th to an amazing 9th in 2 months.”
- National Debt Advisors
“We’ve already tested the “Collect Reviews” feature and found this to be an easy way to get consumers to rate our service.”
- Consumer Friend
“As our TrustIndex grew, we realised the true value of Hellopeter. Significantly more prospects enrolled in our products and services.”
- Diversit-e Smart Trade College

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started?

Getting started is simple! Start your 14 day Free Trial and get immediate access. If you’re still not sure, request a demo to hear from our team.

Our Growth Plan starts at R599 per month, and is perfect for small businesses. The Growth Plan operates on a tiered pricing model according to the number of review invites and review credits your business requires per month - up to 250 monthly review invites and 30 monthly review credits.

For more details, reach out to our team, or start a Free Trial and explore. No commitments, cancel anytime!

Our aim is to deliver long-term success to your business by helping you grow a trusted online presence, and become more discoverable. We encourage you to start small and pay as you grow.

Our tiered monthly pricing means you only pay for the review invites and review credits you expect to use.

Yes, there are no commitments. If you on a 14 day Free Trial cancel anytime during your trial. If you on our Growth Plan it will be cancelled at the end of your monthly billing cycle. If you’re on our Premium Plan, it will be cancelled at the end of your annual billing cycle.

Review invites are the foundation of growing a trusted online presence and building social proof.We have three types of review invites you can send out from our platform.

These are:

  • In-Mail invites - these allow your customers to write and submit reviews right from their email, without ever leaving their inbox.
  • Landing page email invites - drive customers out of their email to a landing page where they can write and submit their review.
  • Landing page SMS invites - drive customers from an SMS to a landing page where they can write and submit their review.

We offer a number of additional methods to help you collect reviews, while making it easy for your customers to leave reviews.

  • Review share link - allows you to share your unique review link, or embed it in your email signature so your customers can easily review your business.
  • QR codes - allows your customers to scan and review, by displaying your unique QR code in-store, on invoices or other marketing collateral.
  • On-site collection widget - Makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews directly from your website by installing our review collection widget.
  • Facebook collection widget - Makes it simple for your customers to write Hellopeter reviews from your Facebook business page.

Review invites differ from other collection methods as we’re able to verify your customers when using email or SMS invites.

Review credits apply to our paid plans. One review credit enables you to access customer data for a given review where the source of the review collected isn’t from a review invite. Only one review credit will be used per review irrespective of the number of times that review is viewed.

You have unlimited review credits when the source of the review is from a review invite.

A reply credit enables you to reply to a review where the source of the review isn’t from a review invite.

You have unlimited reply credits when the source of the review is from a review invite.

No problem. You can upgrade anytime to a higher tier or plan. If you’re on a Growth Annual or Premium Plan you can also choose to purchase add-on review invites or review credits anytime.

Absolutely. We have a solution for any volume of reviews. Over 6,000 businesses use Hellopeter, including some of South Africa’s most established enterprises like Miway, Discovery, FNB, ABSA, Vodacom, MTN, Multichoice and many others.

Our Growth Plan works on a tiered pricing structure based on monthly review invites, monthly review credits and monthly reply credits.

Our pricing is as follows:

50 review invites | 5 review credits | 5 reply credits - R599 / month*

100 review invites | 10 review credits | 10 reply credits - R949 / month*

150 review invites | 17 review credits | 17 reply credits - R1499 / month*

250 review invites | 30 review credits | 30 reply credits R2499 / month*

*Quantities above are all per month

Our Premium Plan also works on a tiered pricing structure based on annual review invites, annual review credits and annual reply credits. Our pricing is as follows:

6000 review invites | 600 review credits | 600 reply credits - R4167 / month

12000 review invites | 900 review credits | 900 reply credits - R6833 / month

18000 review invites | 1250 review credits | 1250 reply credits - R9167 / month

Unlimited review invites | Unlimited review credits | Unlimited reply credits - R12500 / month

*Quantities above are all per annum and paid annually

We’ve found that customers who can commit to a full year of using Hellopeter will be more successful in growing a trusted online presence, building social proof and becoming more discoverable. And since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage those practices that support that goal.