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How Adrian Jessop Discovery Advisor uses Hellopeter as a resource

Adrian Jessop Discovery Advisor

Sep 2, 2020 2:17:25 PM

The challenge

The challenge was being able to showcase some of the great experiences that our clients and friends have, and to be able to show that the overwhelming majority of matters are happily resolved. And that one’s Health, Vitality, Life insurance, Investments, Car and Home Insurance, and Business Insurance can be an easy, pleasant and satisfying experience.

We also wanted to showcase our Insurer, Discovery are striving to be the best insurer in the world by 2023. We’re actively looking for ways to partner with Discovery on brand, operational efficiencies, technology investments, product innovation, and distribution excellence.

Discovery has been a wonderful partner, and we seek to find new ways to celebrate this. As well as to celebrate our client's successes. However, we also want to be the First-To-Know if something goes wrong for clients. So that we and Discovery can make it right. And that’s also a great reason to engage with Hellopeter. We get to hear from our clients the moment they comment. The experience with Hellopeter has been fantastic.

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The solution

Hellopeter has been a wonderful business partner. They’ve made every effort to proactively reach out to me as a business, to educate me about consumer behaviour, to give me insights into markets that I wasn’t totally aware of, and to give me the skills to engage in a new way.

Their technology is world-class, their websites are easy to use and totally intuitive. They have a massive reach and have wonderful acceptance in the market, and they’ve been able to share some of that success with me.

The professionals they employ are really a resource in my business, and they’ve been willing to engage me and the issues that I face. They’ve trained me at their cost, given me Zoom lessons and Webinars, and come up with great training material. I really am humbled that they’ve made such an effort, and I appreciate that.

The results

In very little time we were able to implement their ideas and see a positive feedback loop. Our friends and clients have responded well, and have had honest, interesting things to say. It has not all been easy for me to read, but it’s all been very useful, and the whole process has been very rewarding. It’s quite affirming to see my rankings improving, and while it has not generated leads yet, it has allowed me to refer some prospective clients to examine my credentials before doing business.

Another result I’m looking forward to will be integrating Hellopeter into my websites, and Facebook. I used to be scared of Hellopeter. Now, I look forward to hearing my clients and friends heartfelt opinions and am happy to engage on the Platform.




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