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Cape Removals shows off their above-and-beyond service and social proof

Cape Removals

Aug 20, 2020 6:39:42 AM

The company

Cape Removals is a South African furniture removal company based in Cape Town that has dedicated teams providing Local Removal Service throughout The Western Cape, Storage, Packing & Packing Material as well as Weekly National Removal Service to all SA cities. 

We also offer a dedicated removal Consultant that will be allocated to help with your small to large removal requirements from start to finish.

The challenge

Moving home is one of the top four most stressful occurrences that can happen to any person or family in their lifetime. It’s disruptive, chaotic and requires serious planning and adjustments to facilitate. We’re often exposed to clients who’re in a very stressful environment as a result of all the chaos that goes with moving. The variety of our competition is also a major factor. Cape Removals plays in one of the most competitive industries against well known, established companies that have been around for close to a hundred years. 

Another competing influence is that the furniture removal Industry also offers a financially cheap point of entry for any entrepreneur or owner of a truck or bakkie. It doesn't take a huge capital investment to start within operating within this space which means an increased volume of competitors and pricing fluctuations. This scenario gives us a wide spectrum of competitors where we have to compete against a small man and van scenario with very little overheads and who are mostly unproven on the one side, and then on the other side, we need to compete against the more established big removal companies whose brands and footprints have been nurtured over a long period of time.

The solution

All good things stand the test of time! Quality, efficiency, and focus on real service delivery is our adopted philosophy. Everyone in our business applies this mindset and we continue to challenge ourselves and aspire to make our clients happy. 

The results of this attitude can be very slow, as clients generally only move home every three years on average, and our good work can be forgotten. This is where we have enjoyed our relationship with the Hellopeter Platform, where it helps interpret our intentions of providing good quality service delivery in real-time.

Cape Removals in blog

The results

Hellopeter has helped us realise many of our objectives, and we’ve since established ourselves as a leading furniture removal company in South Africa. 

Hellopeter is a trusted reference point for potential clients to confirm the legitimacy of our company, and to see if we’ll meet their service expectations to help them relocate their homes safely and with minimal duress.


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