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How Discovery Insure uses Hellopeter to foster broad consumer trust and credibility


Oct 8, 2018 2:56:31 PM

Businesses who prioritise the management of their online reviews reap the rewards – they enjoy higher customer engagement, and in turn, trust and loyalty. And Discovery Insure’s success is testament to this. 

By humanising what can often be a frustrating experience, the business has achieved a stellar reputation in the insurance space – thanks in large part, to their interactions with consumers on Hellopeter.

When it comes to consumer expectations; trustworthiness, credibility and fairness are their most highly valued qualities

While these characteristics are sought after across all industries, they’re especially important when it comes to insurance. Trustworthiness and credibility in the insurance space are critical: after all, the whole point of paying for insurance is peace of mind. 

While intangible, this sentiment is crucial – consumers need to feel that their assets are in safe hands, and if something should go wrong, their claims will be handled swiftly and fairly.


For insurance providers, instilling a sense of trust is paramount to business success

Discovery Insure, one of the country’s largest insurance providers, is acutely aware of the role trust and credibility play in both acquiring new consumers, and retaining their existing customer base. 

By prioritising customer engagement and fair treatment, the brand is able to position itself as one worthy of their customers’ trust. In addition to their social media accounts, they use Hellopeter to ensure that they’re up to date with customer sentiment in order to meet – and exceed – expectations.


Discovery Insure is currently one of the top-rated insurance providers on the Hellopeter platform – for good reason

They’ve made it a priority to acknowledge and respond to all reviews, and then to escalate any issues that require attention. By actively engaging with their consumers online, they demonstrate they’re listening to their customers, as well as the fact that they’re open to feedback (whether positive or negative). This goes a long way in establishing themselves as an insurer who can be trusted and committed to ensuring the fair treatment of their customers.

The brand uses Hellopeter as a Tool to engage, and learn about, their customers

Discovery Insure uses Hellopeter as both a way to connect to, and interact with their customers, as well as a means of gathering insight into their customer base, and how they might better serve them. 

By using Hellopeter to better understand consumer sentiment, they’re able to refine internal processes and pinpoint and address any recurring issues that are brought to light via their online reviews.

We pride ourselves on offering Discovery Insure customers innovative products that give them significant value, and we also constantly strive to accompany this with superior customer service from onboarding to claim stage,” says Precious Nduli, Head of Technical Marketing for Discovery Insure. “Platforms such as Hellopeter provide us with a good opportunity to engage with our customers, understand if they are experiencing any issues, how to solve these and continue to add value to them. We also continue to invest in technology that improves the customer experience.”

Many businesses struggle to obtain insight into what their consumer truly thinks about their products or services, as well as the brand as a whole. Online reviews play a critical role in providing businesses with previously hard-to-obtain information.

A quick glance at Discovery Insure’s Hellopeter profile illustrates the business’s proactive approach to online reviews through frequent customer engagement

Their response rate is one of the highest on the site, earning them a notably high star rating – a metric which potential consumers take into account when evaluating businesses. 

Star ratings garnered from online reviews play an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions: if a potential consumer Googles your business and finds few to no reviews about it, they’ll click away and search for a business that’s vetted by their online peers. By using Hellopeter to generate and manage online reviews, Discovery Insure is able to grow and cement a visible brand presence – a crucial element for businesses of all kinds.


Discovery Insure regards all reviews – whether overwhelmingly positive or blatantly negative – as equally valuable

As we wrote in our article “Why negative reviews aren’t the end of the world”, not all negative reviews are necessarily the result of service that was below expectation. That said, every review needs to be individually acknowledged, and assessed. By responding to all of their reviews, the Discovery Insure demonstrates that they value all feedback – even when it’s from a dissatisfied customer. 

In addition, their responses to negative reviews are both swift and genuinely helpful. Responding to negative reviews rapidly is critical for all businesses who use online reviews, and in the insurance industry, it’s vital. 

By swiftly replying to, and addressing any issues or concerns, Discovery Insure not only instils a sense of trust between their brand and their customers, but also provides a robust complaints management process that is able to handle customer complaints effectively and efficiently.

The result? Their consumers are reassured, and view them as approachable and worthy of their trust.

By managing their online reviews on Hellopeter, Discovery Insure successfully leverages their customer reviews to strengthen their brand awareness, establish broad consumer trust, and continually improve their offering to ensure that customers are treated fairly throughout all interactions with Discovery Insure.

Reviews on Hellopeter have helped over one million consumers make better choices. Had an experience you’d like to tell us about? Leave us a review here.


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