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The Easiest Way to Collect, Manage, and Leverage Online Reviews


Oct 26, 2022 9:10:00 AM

When and How to Use Reviews as an SME


These days, it’s a necessity for businesses to prioritise reputation management. This is due in large part to the global marketplace becoming more and more competitive. You have to be aware of your company’s public image, and constantly be working to ensure that it’s a positive one. Hellopeter’s reputation management software makes it easy to collect, manage, and leverage your company’s online reviews so that you can boost your brand’s awareness, credibility, and ultimately your revenue.

What is Reputation Management Software?


You might be wondering, what exactly is reputation management software, and why is it so important to use it in your business? Perhaps the best definition is from Finances Online, who said, "Reputation management software is designed to monitor users' online reviews of products and services."

Put another way, it's a tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes to promote their brands, respond quickly and efficiently to both positive and negative customer experiences, and develop the overall online reputation of their company.

What to Look For in Reputation Management Software


As South Africa's #1 online review platform, here are some specific things you should be looking for in your software.

1. An Easy-to-Read Dashboard

You should look for review management software that has an organised and clean dashboard to see, at a glance, how your business is performing. Your review platform needs to provide you with some kind of measure of how your business stacks up against the competition as well.

Hellopeter provides a TrustIndex rating, for example, that tells the public exactly how credible your business is compared to other businesses. This number is prominently displayed on your dashboard so you can see exactly how you're doing over time.

2. Detailed Analytics

It's important to look for review management software capable of collecting and analysing information, such as how people find your business and how much of your website's traffic is coming from Google. This data will allow you to monitor growth, spot trends, and meet your business objectives much faster.

3. Review Collection Tools

You should look for software that allows you to easily collect feedback about your business. Tools like Hellopeter's intelligent review invite technology make it simple to capture every customer experience by enabling customers to write reviews directly from their email inbox, SMS and WhatsApp.

These tools will save you time and help you get more reviews with minimal effort. It's also helpful to have a review share link as well as embeddable widgets on your website. The easier it is for your customers to give feedback, the more reviews you will collect.

WhatsApp Feature (2)

4. Social Sharing Capabilities

The best way to leverage your online reviews for brand awareness and to build your credibility is to be able to share them! For example, if someone loves your business and gives you a glowing review, you need the ability to share that testimonial with the click of a button on your Facebook page! That's why whichever software you choose needs to have social sharing capabilities.

Hellopeter takes review sharing a step further by helping you turn your best customer reviews into beautiful Social Ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn in just a few clicks. No design skills are needed.
That's why we're confident that we offer the best reputation management software on the market. We simplify the process so you can collect more reviews and leverage them for growth.


Why SMEs Should Use Hellopeter Reputation Management Software

1. Improve Your Business Reputation Online

Our review management software allows you to collect reviews, and respond to both positive and negative feedback effortlessly. We also make it easy to eliminate fake reviews. With Hellopeter, you can track and boost your digital reputation without hassle.

2. Enhance Visibility

Small, medium, and even large businesses can use the software to maintain the top level of web visibility and prominence since it regularly monitors user reviews, credibility ratings, and more. You'll always know how you look to the public and will be in a better position to take the right measures to rectify any negative issues that might come up.

Furthermore, Hellopeter automatically sends your reviews to Google and other search engines daily, which impacts search results. These search results contain rich snippet star ratings that improve click-through rates so you'll be able to show up on Google and other search engines more easily than you would with other, more time-consuming SEO techniques.

3. Nurture Loyalty

Customers are loyal to businesses that show they care. When you respond to feedback, both positive and negative, you're showing the community that you're committed to doing everything in your power to make your customer experience a good one. Your online reputation is digital proof of your business's credibility and is directly related to how loyal your customers will be.

4. Hellopeter is Here for South African Customers!

We have a competitive advantage because we're trusted by millions of South African consumers looking to make informed purchasing decisions! We're the leading, proudly South African review Platform. We believe with consumers and businesses working together toward better experiences, everybody wins.

Where other companies allow fake reviews, we help you to avoid this kind of spam. Where others will charge for even the most basic features, we let you start cultivating your online reputation for free.

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