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How iKhokha improved conversions using social proof


Mar 31, 2020 6:08:10 PM

The Company

We’re iKhokha, and we believe that every South African entrepreneur should be given the opportunity to compete in the digital economy. We aim to do just that by making it easier for entrepreneurs to accept debit and credit card payments using an iKhokha card machine.

Initial Challenge

In a fast-paced fintech industry, our business is based on trust and credibility. Hellopeter has been a platform where many generally share negative reviews rather than positive ones, and this in itself is a challenge for any business.

iKhokha decided that part of building brand reputation was to channel the positive impact that Hellopeter could have on our business. Particularly in understanding our customers’ true sentiments.

People need people! They need to feel a sense of belonging and security, the decisions they make, whether consciously or subconsciously, are influenced by the choices, opinions, and actions of others. Social reviews add weight when it comes to indecisive potential customers. 

There is reassurance in knowing that most people look at reviews prior to entering a contract with a company or before making a purchase, therefore the decision to create Hellopeter awareness became imperative for our business – ultimately, helping many people close the gap of uncertainty.



The Solution 

We have since come to the realisation that utilising social proof through Hellopeter will successfully impact the decision to purchase our products and will also assist in client retention.

    • Many businesses are already using social proof to increase their audience’s desire for their product or service. We are no different.

    • We encourage our customers to provide their feedback through various channels as this is our greatest source of learning. Having people give us feedback, whether negative or positive, helps us create a path for better customer service. Hellopeter is considered one of our many listening tools; it aids in meeting customer expectations and delivering service excellence.

The Results

Potential customers are almost certain to read your product reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, this type of social proof has had great benefits, the reviews on Hellopeter are a true sentiment of how our customers feel and perceive us. At iKhokha, our customers are the core of our business. Why not do everything possible to keep them happy?



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