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2023 in Review: Hellopeter Highlights


Feb 4, 2024 8:07:39 PM


Reflecting on the past year fills us with pride, gratitude and excitement for the new one!

In 2023, Hellopeter reached incredible milestones with over 2.3 million registered users, 8 million website visitors, and a whopping 515,000 reviews. We’ve also seen an average of  43,500 reviews per month, with 55% of them being positive. That's one review every minute – illustrating the trust you, as South Africa, place in Hellopeter as the number one online review platform. Thank you for being part of our success and sharing your valuable insights!

Because we believe so deeply in the power of customer feedback, we’ve listened, taken what you have to say seriously and implemented changes.

New-and-Improved hellopeter.com

We were thrilled to unveil the fresh, new look of your beloved hellopeter.com in 2023. It's been a labour of love, and we can't wait for you to explore the improved functionality. Your feedback matters, so take a peek and let us know what you think.



Refined Category and Ranking System

Giving customers an accurate depiction of your business at a glance is our goal. Our updated category and ranking system allow you to stand out in your industry effortlessly. Learn the ropes and outrank your competitors in no time.

B2B Blog Header Ranking System

WhatsApp Reviews Reign Supreme

Discover the ease of collecting reviews with our WhatsApp chatbot. We're excited to see businesses embracing this convenient feature. It not only streamlines the process for you but allows you to connect with customers on a level that resonates, too. With over 35% of reviews being collected via WhatsApp in 2023 – it’s your turn to understand this trend.

WhatsApp Review Collection v2


New Game-Changer for Small Businesses

Nothing makes us happier than seeing small businesses thrive. That’s why we're over the moon to partner with BIZpockit, an exciting business management platform. As a loyal Hellopeter Business client, you're eligible for an exclusive discount. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business.


Preparing For an Even Bigger 2024?

With 2024 in full swing, we're gearing up for a year of even more significant impact. Do you have the tools to make it big this year? Hellopeter is here to help you achieve your most ambitious business goals. 

Get started today, and let's make 2024 your biggest year yet!



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