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Online Customer Service Ideas for the Holiday Season


Dec 14, 2023 4:21:00 PM

The holiday season is here, and some businesses are gearing up for the busiest time of their year. It's also when shoppers most rely on customer service and online reviews to navigate the Christmas shopping frenzy. 

So, to help businesses out, we asked our Customer Success Manager, Rochelle Thompson, what advice she would give to business owners this holiday season. Here are her top tips...

1. Use WhatsApp Share Links for Efficient Review Collection

WhatsApp share links are game-changing when it comes to collecting customer reviews. It's not only simple to use but can also be leveraged in various creative ways to automate review collection. 

As soon as someone clicks on the WhatsApp link, it prompts them to leave a review right then and there. The review is then automatically pulled into your Hellopeter business profile, so you can build your online reputation with no need for bulk uploading.

Test it now. It's as simple as sending "Hi" to 021 206 6516 on WhatsApp to experience how easy the review process flow is.

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Leverage QR Codes

One efficient way to share WhatsApp links is through QR codes. You can showcase these QR codes virtually anywhere, including in-store, online, on products, brand merchandise, or delivery packaging. If you have a physical location, print them on lanyards or table talkers to encourage on-the-spot reviews from your customers.

Saved on Phone

It's handy to have the review link saved on your phone, especially if you regularly interact with customers or clients in person. You can then quickly retrieve and share it with them via WhatsApp or have them scan the QR code on your phone, making the process painless for both you and your customer.


After handling customer issues online, your team can send the review link directly from your customer service portal or during live chats. By following up conversations with WhatsApp or SMS, you create a convenient and efficient feedback loop.

5. Saved Replies and SMS Notifications (Reply Promptly)

The holiday season can be chaotic, and businesses can't afford to miss a beat in customer service. To avoid missing out on opportunities to serve your customers, make use of the following Hellopeter tools created for the purpose.

Saved Replies

Use predefined reply templates for responding to reviews. This not only saves you time but ensures consistent on-brand communication, and you'll impress your reviewers and potential customers with your prompt responses.

SMS Notifications

Set up SMS notifications for after-hours queries. This lets your customer service agents provide round-the-clock support and ensures no customer message goes unnoticed.


3. Consolidated Inbox for Google and Facebook

Responding to customer feedback from various platforms can be challenging, especially during the year's busiest shopping season. However, Hellopeter's consolidated "One Inbox" can help you stay on top of the influx of messages this holiday. 


4. Creating and Sharing Social Ads on the Go

The ability to create and share social ads directly from your customer service platform ensures that you can capitalise on holiday marketing opportunities swiftly. This seamless integration enables you to share your best online reviews on social media, inspiring confidence in customers and acting as your best form of marketing.

When you have a Hellopeter Business account, you can simply drag and drop to design an image with your featured review pulled straight from your Hellopeter inbox. From there, you can also publish it directly to your social media channels.


Make Customer Service Easy with Hellopeter Business

The holiday season is a crucial time for businesses to shine in terms of customer service, and implementing strategic online customer service tools can make all the difference. So, don't miss out on the chance to make this holiday season your best one yet! 

Take the first step today, and let your customer reviews become the catalyst for your business's growth and excellence. Sign up for a free 14-day trial or check out our plans here.

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