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Introducing New Hellopeter Business Industry Categories and Rankings


Jul 10, 2023 5:30:00 PM

We're excited to announce some new changes to our Hellopeter Business industry categories and rankings. Now your business has an even better chance to shine and attract new customers! 

Say Hello to a New Category and Ranking System

We've refined our industry categories to make it easier for your customers to find you and help your business rank higher in your specific niche. Furthermore, we added a broad range of sub-categories to help accurately communicate what you offer to customers browsing Hellopeter.

So, now it's easier for your customers to find you, helping them to make the most informed, trusted purchasing decisions.

What Exactly Changed? 

  1. We've added additional primary industries which are available for selection, as well as a comprehensive list of sub-categories linked to each primary industry available for selection
  2. We've removed certain primary industries, which will now appear as sub-categories that fall within a new primary industry. If your business was affected by this, you will automatically be assigned to the new primary industry as well as be listed under the corresponding sub-category
  3. We've merged certain primary industries. If your business was affected by this, you will automatically fall under the new merged primary industry

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Next Steps: What Your Business Must Do Now 

It’s important for all businesses registered on Hellopeter to ensure you’re listed under the correct primary industry.

Log in to your Hellopeter Business portal
• Go to Business Settings
• Under Industries, choose the industry that best describes what you offer as a business
• Under Subcategories, choose all the subcategories that reflect all your service offerings

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How is Your Industry and Sub-Category Rankings Determined?

All businesses are eligible to be ranked as "best" within a category, but they must meet the following requirements:

  1. The business must have collected 12 or more reviews in the past 12 months
  2. The business must reply to their reviews

Businesses that meet these criteria are then ranked according to their TrustIndex and the number of reviews. This ensures that ranked businesses in a category actively promote trust and transparency by actively collecting reviews and engaging with their customers. 

Your Business Profile Page

The existing header on your business profile page showcases your business metrics. These include:

  • Average star rating and number of reviews 
  • Last 12 months TrustIndex
  • Industry ranking 
  • NPS

What's Changing on Your Business Listing Page?

  1. The monthly TrustIndex will no longer be displayed
  2. On your business listing page's header, the industry ranking widget will display your highest ranking out of your primary industry or sub-categories
  3. On your business listing page's sidebar, the industry ranking widget will display your primary industry ranking and all your sub-category rankings
  4. If your business does not have a primary industry or sub-category ranking, we will not display any rankings on your business listing page
  5. For businesses that are unclaimed or not verified, your primary industry and sub-category rankings will not be displayed

Ready, Set…Rank!

The time is now to push your business to the top. Start collecting, managing and showing off reviews today! 



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