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Woodford Car Hire Customer Success Story: Journey to The Top


Feb 2, 2023 9:30:08 AM

Woodford Car Hire is one of Mzansi's leading automotive service providers, ranking best in their industry on hellopeter.com for five consecutive months.

Check out how Woodford Car Hire fulfils their service and revenue potential, and learn how you too can connect your business to growth with Hellopeter Businesses up to 50% off sale. 

Who is Woodford Car Hire?

South Africa's largest independent car rental company, Woodford Car Hire, has a fleet of over 1600 vehicles across three main divisions, servicing all major airports and urban centres. The company's record of service excellence speaks to its core mandate of innovation and consumer-focused value, offering the widest available range of vehicles at affordable rates.

The Strategy: Putting Customers First 

Want to know how they got to the top? Here's how they prioritised their online reputation and customer satisfaction to reap results.

1. Renewed Commitment to Customer Service

With post-lockdown industry market share up for grabs, Woodford Car Hire took the opportunity to redouble their efforts towards customer service. Woodford Car Hire realised that consistent service standards would translate to revenue and growth.

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2: Removing Hurdles to Their Customers' Success

Woodford Car Hire adopted Hellopeter Business' engagement software, allowing them to connect in real time with their customer base. This direct access ensures Woodford Car Hire stays ahead of the industry curve by leveraging consumer sentiment towards preemptive solutions.

3: Tailoring 360-Degree Solutions

From first contact to billing and follow-up services, Woodford car Hire stepped their game up, ensuring that their valuable customers are offered the holistic product and service standards they deserve.

"Our customers expect easy and convenient solutions tailored to their specific challenges. In a nutshell, they want to get on the road and towards their destination with as little fuss as possible. They needed to know that regardless of the circumstances, we had their backs!"

4. Applying Data-Driven Solves

Hellopeter's comprehensive, data-defined solutions allow Woodford Car Hire to constantly review and optimise their internal approaches and iron out creases with reactive and proactive interventions. Hellopeter's Business analyticsCompetitor-Data reports, Trust Index ScoreIndustry Ranking data and Net Promoter Score metrics give Woodford Car Hire easy access to actionable data, allowing them to maintain their operational edge over the competition.  

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"Partnering with Hellopeter allowed us to devise a system that quickly gauges what's working and what's not, what's keeping people moving and what's slowing them down. As with any service-based business, knowing what our customers feel, want, and experience is key. And, in our experience, Hellopeter is the market leader in helping businesses serious about customer-focused growth achieve their potential." 

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