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How Telecommunications Company Zinia is Acing Its Customer Service with Hellopeter Business


Jul 19, 2022 2:40:22 PM

As one of Mzansi's leading Information, Communications Technology and Telecoms service providers, Zinia has tapped into Hellopeter Business's easy-to-use tools to help take control of their online reputation and perfect their customer service. Here's how they got their impressive results.

Who is Zinia?


Zinia is one of Mzansi's leading Information, Communications Technology and Telecoms service providers. With over 12 years of focused, industry-defining experience, Zinia has set itself apart by offering non-negotiable service excellence, with a strong focus on customer success.

Providing South Africans with the high-end solutions they deserve, Zinia insists on comprehensive Internet, Voice and IT Solutions, all underpinned by their driving ethos of 'we simply do it better!'

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The Challenge: How to Achieve True Customer Service

Warren Bonheim, Managing Director at Zinia, believes that "true customer service is about infusing the entire company with a service culture, creating an environment where people experience exceptional customer service at every level".

Zinia's challenge then, like many other industry players, was to ensure their customers enjoyed the level of personalised care and attention necessary to fulfil their customer goals.

Generally, South Africa's retail and business-to-business service quality leave a lot to be desired. However, Zinia understood that when offering a service as critical as theirs, the usual half-hearted approach simply wouldn't do.

Therefore, they sought an affordable, simple-to-deploy solution to their customer-first service ethos.

"It's true that people rarely write a review when they have a positive experience. It's usually the negative reviews that make it onto online review platforms, which can hurt a company's reputation. Zinia believes that being open and willing to hear customer feedback, turning negative feedback into a positive and encouraging customers to rate the company when they had a positive experience is a critical part of service and support."

The Solution: Customer-Centric Business Model


Zinia soon realised that committing to a customer-centric model meant rethinking its culture and internal systems to create experiences that exceeded customer expectations at every turn.

After a top-down process analysis, Zinia found that Hellopeter was still the customer review website of choice for researching businesses. And as a result, they saw that trusted review management platforms significantly impacted customers' decisions on who to choose as a provider.

B2B FB Post 1 Review per Minute

To leverage this insight, Zinia partnered with Hellopeter Business, the review and reputation management leader, to discuss Zinia's business goals. And once they clearly defined their end goal, Zinia and Hellopeter quickly inputted an automated survey and review mechanism, allowing them real-time access to the conversations relevant to their brand.

Zinia discovered, via Hellopeter's Business Analytics and Competitor Analyses, that being open to customer feedback allowed them to leverage their positive feedback as oh-so-valuable Social Proof. While, at the same time, using negative reviews to grow and showcase their willingness to continually improve their customer service. 

"The review platform through Hellopeter has made it simple and easy to request customer reviews, and the integration of reviews across Zinia’s platforms means they can create a positive impact across channels." - Warren Bonheim, Managing Director at Zinia.

The Method: Tapping into Customer Feedback


In 2021, Zinia decided to focus its customer reviews on Hellopeter after they offered an easy way to collect customer reviews that did not involve a lengthy process of creating a Hellopeter account and logging in. Now, Zinia can log in daily and send requests for reviews via Email, SMS and WhatsApp.

B2B FB Post WhatsApp Review

“We have created the WOW factor at Zinia by making the experience of dealing with us extraordinary. Our customers love dealing with us because we don’t just provide a purchase, but rather an experience that is welcoming, friendly and personal.” - Warren Bonheim, Managing Director at Zinia.

Zinia's Hellopeter Business partnership has made it simple and easy to request and interact with customer reviews. Furthermore, the easy integration of Hellopeter reviews across Zinia's customer-facing platforms means they can multiply the positive impact of their engagement efforts across all their channels.

The Results: Taking the #1 Spot on Hellopeter 

“The major benefit we have seen with Hellopeter is a marked increase in positive reviews which has a major reputational advantage, giving us the opportunity to integrate the positive ratings in our company branding featuring the Hellopeter logo.” - Warren Bonheim, Managing Director at Zinia.

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Zinia’s Industry Ranking started in the #39 position in the Telecommunications industry on Hellopeter in March 2022. However, by April 2022, they secured the #1 spot, and have since remained at the top.

“The ability to respond promptly and professionally to customers is always important. The team at Hellopeter are responsive and helpful whenever we have any queries.” - Warren Bonheim, Managing Director at Zinia.

Join the ranks of South Africa's Top Businesses 

If your business is ready to take that important step toward business growth, sign up for your FREE Hellopeter Business account. 

Our Customer Success team is looking forward to helping you reach for the (five) stars!

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