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How to Get Your First 10 Reviews


Jan 18, 2023 8:56:00 AM

When you’re ready to start working on your online reputation, the first thing you might be wondering is how to get more reviews. After all, you need more reviews to paint the picture of just how amazing your company is to share with the world. Below, we’re walking you through how to ask for reviews so you can get more of them, and start leveraging them to earn more revenue.

1. Make a list of potential reviewers

Create a list of 50 to 100 people that you would like to ask for a review. It helps if these are customers you already have an established relationship with, such as people who've purchased from you more than once. However, you can also add first time customers to the list as well. 

If you haven’t done so already, create your Hellopeter account, then log in and add these people to your “Review Invites”. Don’t send the invites just yet though.

2. Draft your message

You may want to warm up the customers first. With Hellopeter’s reputation management software features you can reach out via Whatsapp, SMS or email. Consider what you’re going to say with your request. Simply sending, “Can you leave us a review?” is plain and vague. Instead, start with something like:

Hi James, 

We hope you’re enjoying your (insert awesome product they purchased here). Can you please click the link below and tell us what you think about us? We’d really appreciate your feedback.


Our Amazing Company 


A message like this feels more personalised, and like you genuinely care about what James thinks of your business. He will be much more likely to respond since it felt like an individual email, rather than a robotic copy and paste message.

3. Follow up

Many people may not see your first correspondence. And, of those who do, there’s a high probability they won’t have time to leave you a review right away. You can follow up a couple of times using the Whatsapp, SMS or email features* in your Hellopeter account.

You may want to change the messaging just slightly. For example:

Hi James,

We just wanted to follow up on our previous request for feedback. We aim to deliver top notch service, and we rely on our customers to let us know how we’re doing so we can see where we’re getting things right, and where there’s room for improvement. The link to leave us a review is below.
Thanks in advance!

Our Amazing Company

Again, it may take a couple of follow ups with some of your customers to get a review. However, don’t despair if the reviews don’t flow in immediately. As you start gaining them you can move to step four to get even more.

4. Use current reviews to encourage more feedback

Once you get the first couple of reviews, here is the trick for how to get more reviews: Share them! As feedback rolls in, use our one click social sharing feature* to encourage others to leave a review. 

Additionally, you can make graphics on a free platform like Canva, and share them to Facebook and Twitter with your custom review link in the caption. Not only will the social media shares make your company stand out, the review link might remind anyone who received a review request you wanted them to leave one too. 

Hellopeter Makes Getting Reviews Easier

It’s never been easier to manage your online reputation than with Hellopeter’s review software. With our features, you can easily reach out to your customers and get feedback from them quickly and efficiently. Learn more about our account plans, and sign up for a free trial today.

*Note: One-click social sharing, as well as Whatsapp, SMS, or Email features, are only available on paid accounts

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