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Step-by-step for managing your Hellopeter Business profile


Jun 8, 2022 1:56:26 PM

Your Hellopeter Business page is your access to an entire community of motivated, engaged and active potential customers.

With millions of South Africans visiting Hellopeter.com to seek purchasing advice and to read and write reviews, ensuring you're on top of your Hellopeter business page — and your online reputation — is a non-negotiable. 

Check out our blog and learn how to take full control of your Hellopeter Business Page and maximise your engagement return on investment.

Step 1: Sign up — it's free!


Sign up for a Free Hellopeter Business Account

Your Hellopeter business page is your connection point with Mzansi. Claiming your page guarantees that the information your page communicates to customers is accurate and updated.

It also ensures you receive notifications on any new reviews your page has attracted, allows you to engage with all your reviews and reviewers and allows you to actively invite and collect reviews to build your profile.

When you claim your Hellopeter Business profile, you gain access to Hellopeter's time-tested, easy-to-implement tools and solutions geared to helping you make the most of your online reputation.

Remember, if you do not claim or create your business's Helopeter profile, one is created automatically when a reviewer writes a review about your business. These automated profiles often have very minimal information about your business and are not optimised for engagement or conversion. 

Your customers are talking about you on Hellopeter.com. Take full control of your profile and join the conversation today!

How do I take ownership of my Hellopeter business profile?

Whether you want to take ownership of a pre-existing Hellopeter business profile or are ready to create a new one, the first step is to select one of Hellopeter's affordable plans.

Each plan is tailored to meet specific engagement and growth paths, ranging from Hellopeter's Entry Plan (FREE) to the Growth Plan (from R449 per month) to the Premium Plan (from R2,999 per month). Please feel free to contact Hellopeter's friendly Customer Success team to chat about which plan is right for your needs. 

Paid account

  • Create your account HERE. Enter your business name, the industry and create your user account by providing your first name, last name, email address and choosing a password.
  • Enter your business's registered name, registration number, VAT number and billing address. You'll also need to specify your preferred payment method (Credit Card or EFT).
  • You'll be required to make payment via Credit Card or EFT, depending on the payment method you have chosen.
  • Payment confirmation – if you've paid by Credit Card, you'll be taken to a Thank You page and be able to sign in and start using your Portal immediately. However, those paying via EFT will have to wait until their payment has been processed. 
  • Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email and be able to sign in and start using your Portal.

Free account

  • Create your account HERE, then enter your business name, industry and create your user account by providing your first name, last name, email address and choosing a password.
  • You will get to a Thank You page
  • Your details will be sent to our team to be verified.
  • Upon verification, you will be sent a Welcome email.
  • You are now able to sign in and start engaging with your customers.

Please remember that Hellopeter reviews are original content written and owned by their authors. Because of this, and to allow full transparency, Hellopeter does not remove business profiles from Hellopeter.com.

Step 2: Complete your profile



Once you have taken ownership of your Hellopeter business profile, you can decide on all aspects of your Hellopeter page and what it looks like to customers.

✔️ Your display name

Your profile's display name is crucial. This is how your business will be represented across Hellopeter's pages and how new customers will find you via search engines and online research. Make sure your display name is as close to your business's trading name as possible to avoid confusion.

✔️ Description

Your description is a short section detailing who your brand is and what your brand represents. For new customers, your descriptor is key in contextualising your business's value offering.

✔️ Business logo

Visual cues and identifiers are crucial in establishing and identifying your brand. Make sure your Hellopeter profile logo is representative of your business's trading logo to avoid confusion.

✔️ Channel links

Your Hellopeter business profile is an extension of your online brand and should complement your existing online channels. Provide links to your other online channels, including your business's website and social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, to ensure maximum return on engagement investment.

✔️ Contact details

Hellopeter is a place for your customers to write reviews about your business. Still, it is also a place for customers to read reviews about businesses and for new customers to discover your business. This creates an opportunity for you to connect with new customers which is why it's important to provide your physical address, email address and contact number so that both new and existing customers know how and where to find you.

Step 3: Send review invites



Okay, so you've signed up, your profile is looking lekker...but how do you make it work for you? It all comes down to review collection!

 With our Hellopeter tools, we make it easy peasy to send review requests to your customers via email, SMS, WhatsApp — whichever you (and they) prefer! Just check out this blog showing how easy it is to ask for reviews using our WhatsApp Chatbot here.

WhatsApp Animation - Revised (1)

Find our more about our review collection methods and how they work in this guide. 

Step 4: Reply to (all) your reviews


B2B FB Post Hellopeter Business 101 Step4


Let's chat about a very common problem we see...South African businesses are all excited and proud of their new profile, and they've actively started collecting online reviews. However, that's where it stops.

You need to show your customers some love! Start replying to each and every review (bad AND good!) to really give a positive impression of your business. We've also made it super easy for you with reply templates and more.

Here are some tips and a guide how to reply to your reviews.

Step 5: If you got it, flaunt it


B2B FB Post __Hellopeter Business 101 Step 5

Now that you've done the work of collecting to and managing reviews, it's time to show them off! This will help potential customers trust your business, making them more likely to buy from you. A lot more likely, actually! 

We have various customisable widgets on our Hellopeter Business portal that helps you show off your reviews on your website. All our widgets are optimised for SEO, which helps your website to rank higher in Google search results. 

The best part? You can bring ALL your reviews together and pull them through on your website, from Hellopeter to Google and Facebook! 

Learn more about our widget libraries here.

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Step 6: Get social 

B2B LI Post Hellopeter Business 101 Step 6
Now it's time to get social Did you know that with Hellopeter Business, you can turn your best customer reviews into visually appealing social ads in seconds and post them straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. No design skills needed!
Find out how to turn your customer reviews into social ads here.
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Step 7: Monitor your performance using our analytics tools


B2B LI Post Hellopeter Business 101 Step 7

With Hellopeter Business, you can track and improve your performance on Hellopeter by using our range of analytics to track changes in your ratings, number of reviews, star rating distribution, TrustIndex, time to reply, Net Promoter Score and industry ranking.

Get started for free today 


Sign up for your Hellopeter Business account today, and let's start growing your business! 



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