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Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Online Reputation Management


Jun 15, 2021 7:07:43 PM

The cycle of managing your online reputation works like this: You ask for reviews, you respond to the reviews, and then you leverage your best ones to earn more business. Seems simple enough when you look at it like that, right? Yet, many business owners have been so afraid of online reputation management that they don’t even bother using it. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is they don’t know exactly where to begin. 

Let’s explore the fundamentals of managing your online reputation and dispel a myth or two along the way.

The Cycle:

Ask for reviews --> Respond to the reviews  --> Leverage your best reviews

This cycle is more than just a means of gaining feedback, it’s also a strategy for building a powerful online reputation for your business. So why aren’t you using it?

One of the biggest reasons we hear from our clients as to why they haven’t worked on managing their online reputation is they’re afraid of bad reviews. We get it! It can be scary to ask people to tell you what they do and don’t like about your business. However, that feedback is worth gold. That’s why we encourage you to reframe this fear in this way: “If I learn what my customers don’t like, I can fix it and win over even more people, and make more money.”

Wouldn’t it be better to know where you can improve, and leverage that knowledge to yield even more revenue? We think so. And, the good news is, it’s not only bad reviews that are being shared online. People love to leave positive reviews too. These reviews can be used as social proof to show prospects who've been debating about buying from you that they can trust you.

Best practice for online reputation management

The first and most important thing is to draft an online reputation management strategy. Like all things in business, going into anything without a plan can complicate things. You already know the cycle, but there are some things you should add to your own strategy to give you the best chance of success. Your process should look something like this:

  • Wow the customer
  • Ask for feedback
  • Reply to the feedback
  • Action the feedback


1. It starts with your customers and their first interaction with you

The easiest way to get a fabulous review is to make good on your promises and overdeliver in your results. Wow them with your checkout process, your customer service, your support, etc…

2. After the transaction, check in and see how it went

Are they satisfied with their purchase? Did they have a good experience? Ask them for a review. You may need to ask more than once, because people get busy, but let them know you care and want to hear their feedback.

3. Reply to all reviews

It’s imperative that you reply to both good and bad reviews. Not only does this prove you genuinely care about your customers, it gives you a prime opportunity to earn their loyalty while promoting your business to new prospects.

4. Address what was in the review

If it was good, it’s time to share it on social media, on your blog, and in your email correspondence. Your prospects want to hear all the amazing things real customers are saying about your business. This is particularly helpful if they’re already considering purchasing from you. That positive review could be all they needed to get off the fence and buy something!

If it was bad, it’s time to fix any issues that were mentioned, and try to win them back to gain a loyal customer for future purchases. Did you know that 89% of consumers are reading your responses to negative reviews? As BazaarVoice explained, “This means the content of your response can absolutely impact the purchase decisions of your future customers.” Furthermore, Hubspot found 45% of customers are “more likely to visit your business if your company responds to negative reviews,” and ZenDesk reported “customer satisfaction increases by up to 15% when an apology is perceived as genuine.”

Reputation Management Software - The easiest method for managing your online reputation

There are so many places people can leave a review, but using reputation management software such as Hellopeter gives your customers and you one all-inclusive space to connect easily. They can jot down a review, and you can leave a response, and you can enhance your business’s profile and reputation with a tool that is simple to use. 

By using Hellopeter, the review cycle is simplified, and you can start leveraging your reviews much faster. Learn more about how our software makes managing your online reputation uncomplicated by creating a free account today.



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