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Solar Advice x Hellopeter Business: Customer Success Story


Aug 7, 2023 6:52:03 PM

The Company

Solar Advice is an online renewable energy store striving to offer the most affordable prices in South Africa.  

Not only do they want renewable energy to become a reality in every person's everyday life, but they wish to do the ground research and negotiation on the public's behalf to ensure a fair and neutral presentation of our country's availability of renewable energy.

The Challenge

Solar Advice received a lot of negative reviews, and they realised they had to work harder on their communication with clients as they felt unheard. They also wanted to ensure that the after-sales service was excellent.

The Solution 

Solar Advice decided to improve its after-sales services by partnering with Hellopeter Business, consistently sending timely review requests to their clients, and using feedback as key learnings to improve their business operations. 

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"We employed customer care consultants that focus solely on following up after installations, getting complaints solved and following up on Hellopeter reviews. We also do check-ins and regular follow-ups via phone calls and emails with clients."

Their Customer Care team has a daily routine where they get alerts of any issues reported by clients as soon as possible. They then notify the relevant team, asking them to initiate a call to troubleshoot or discuss probabilities of cause. If required, a call-out will be arranged.

"We've been able to get into contact with clients speedily to show a quick reaction time and plan of action. We strive to be transparent and honest in our communications with clients and try not to set false expectations or timelines we cannot realistically meet. Furthermore, we have follow-up progress to check up on client updates and that installers/teams or tech support are following through on snags, call-outs, or troubleshooting calls."


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Asking for Reviews 

Once the installation has been completed, the Solar Advice team gives their clients courtesy calls to ask for ratings and reviews. But it does not stop there. They want to ensure their clients are empowered even after they've made the sale. 

"We ensure that Certificate of Conformity (COC) is sorted and try to educate clients by giving them access to useful FAQ tips or suggestions on our website and guides. We also ask if clients will refer us to family and friends, and this is a good indication prior to sending the link. Reviews and ratings definitely help and solidifies the reputation of the company. Anyone interested in solar systems or products to ease loadshedding doing research will feel confident when seeing Solar Advice reviews and ratings."

Solar Advice believes in being proactive and working as efficiently and quickly as they can to help their clients. They also don't let an issue go until it has been adequately resolved.

"We believe in going the extra mile by way of checking if they need anything else when an issue is resolved or just in general. For example, we enquire if they may consider adding to their system going forward, helping with completing RMA forms, sharing RMA links, checking on the status of RMA for clients and sharing updates if they reach out to us directly."


WhatsApp Review Collection v2


The Results: Leveraging the Power of WhatsApp 

Solar Advice has found that email and WhatsApp review invites work best, and they give their clients the option of both. The benefit of these review methods is that clients can type it directly in the mail or WhatsApp message without having to log in to their Hellopeter profile.

"We aim to share the review request link within a few minutes of wrapping the call or while in the call, as we feel it's more efficient. WhatsApp has been our most successful review collection method to date. We started getting 5-star reviews and great feedback on our after-sales service." 

At the moment, Solar Advice has a TrustIndex Rating of 8.5/10, Net Promotor Score of 81, and ranks #13 in Retail on Hellopeter. 

Go check them out and write them a review if you've ever done business with them. 

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