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[Video] Customer success story: How Bloom grew their company with Hellopeter Business


Mar 28, 2022 10:08:28 AM

Introducing our new Customer Success video series. In our first video, we visit Bloom to learn more about what they do for South Africans, as well as how Hellopeter Business has helped them grow since they first signed up in 2020.

Who is Bloom?


Bloom is a pioneer in the South African health insurance market. In partnership with Momentum's Health4Me, they specialise in providing South Africans with affordable, comprehensive health insurance plans without compromising on quality service.

Where it started


Bloom launched in 2020, and the company has since grown to gain a loyal customer base in the growing health insurance landscape. As the global Covid-19 pandemic proved, having reliable health insurance is crucial. However, this was previously unattainable for many South Africans.

At Bloom, they partnered with Momentum's Health4Me programme to bring affordable medical insurance cover to those from the lower-income bracket. They're committed to improving South Africans' lives by making private healthcare accessible with more affordable health insurance policies.

"We really saw a need to make affordable health cover more accessible. I think the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted a lot of the challenges in South Africa's health care system, and it's also highlighted the importance for a lot of South Africans to have private health care and to have that sort of cover," says John Kruger, Managing Director at Bloom.

"Unfortunately, a large portion of our population cannot afford comprehensive medical aid, and I think that is something that really hit home with us. We wanted to not only make that more affordable through Momentum's Health4Me product, but we wanted to make sure people understood that affordable health insurance doesn't mean sacrificing the quality of the care. I think that South Africans deserve good customer service, and they deserve a good quality product regardless of the fact that it's more affordable than medical aid," adds Kruger.


Behind the scenes while shooting at the Bloom office

Where it's going 


"Hellopeter's a platform has really allows us to raise awareness of our brand. It's enabled us to get that honest feedback from our customers. If you go search our brand now, the integration that we have through Hellopeter with Google My Business, along with the feedback that we've had on social media, really ties together nicely," comments Kruger. 

Bloom signed up with Hellopeter in 2020. They had a few negative reviews on the platform and wanted the opportunity to respond to those reviews and try to understand where they were going wrong. With the health insurance market, particularly the affordable market in South Africa, being very competitive and customers relying heavily on consumer reviews, using Hellopeter just made sense!

"We're very happy with the results. One of the main terms that customers search on Google is actually 'Bloom reviews'. For them, it's important to see what other customers who've been with us for a while think about our services. We're very happy to say we're ranked number #2 in the insurance industry, so it's worked very, very well for us," Kruger says.

Furthermore, Bloom also wanted to address the misconception of the public that affordable health insurance delivers poor customer services. "Just because Health4Me and what Bloom does is not as expensive as medical aid doesn't mean that people have to sacrifice the quality of customer services. That experience should be just as good as the best medical aid that money can buy," says Kruger. 

Rochelle, Customer Success Team at Hellopeter

Rochelle, Customer Success Manager at Hellopeter, shares her insights on camera

The Hellopeter Business Experience


"It's been a really good experience. Today we actively collect reviews. Hellopeter's made that really easy. There are those 'in-mails', SMS and WhatsApp, so we can easily ask for reviews. They don't have to create a Hellopeter account, so there's no admin involved, and they can give us a star rating and write the review without having to close the email, for example. Making it easier for customers to not just complain but also to give us positive feedback has really made all the difference for us," says Kruger.

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