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Introducing Hellopeter’s half star rating system


Nov 11, 2021 5:40:16 PM

A more accurate reflection of businesses’ average star rating 

You asked, we delivered, Mzansi! Introducing Hellopeter’s half star rating system. Now there’s a more accurate way to reflect South African businesses' average rating on our Hellopeter website.

This new update allows businesses to get the fairest representation of their service and customers to get a more accurate impression of the company and what to expect. 

Why the half stars?

As the demand for transparency grows, and as an online review platform, we want to ensure that we help customers and companies understand precisely what rating they see on our website. 

We also want to improve the accuracy of our registered Hellopeter businesses' average rating, including their Trust Index and Net Promoter Score.

And as the difference between, for example, a three-star and four-star average rating can be perceived as massive, we have to give businesses a more refined scale to showcase their service to South African customers.


"It’s important to provide the most accurate reflection of a company's reputation. Introducing half stars increases transparency and more accurately reflects a company's credibility. In addition, both consumers and companies have requested us to implement half stars, and we responded to their feedback."
- Hellopeter CEO, Alon Rom.


How does it work?

This new update to our website was rolled out recently. Take a look to see how it’s affecting your average rating! 


How will it affect companies’ ratings?

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To infinity and beyond 

As a technology-driven company, we’re continually innovating to serve customers and businesses the best we can. 

We keep our ear to the ground for any new technology we can implement and communicate directly to our Hellopeter community to ensure that we best serve your needs. 

We’ve also got some other exciting new features rolling out soon, so watch this space

Leave your review today 

If you’re a consumer, review a recent experience you had with a South African business today.

If you’re a business, sign up for Hellopeter Business to start leveraging the power of online reviews, get insight into what your customers really want, transparency on how your team performs, grow your online presence on search engines such as Google, and much, much more!



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