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How Mobicred Took Control of Their Online Reputation with Hellopeter Business


Jul 8, 2022 2:38:23 PM

At Hellopeter Business, we're committed to helping South African businesses see results. And when they put in the hard work and reap those rewards, we love cheering them on by sharing their success stories. Here's how Mobicred managed to take control of their online reputation, while prioritising customer success in their business growth strategy. 

Who is Mobicred?


Mobicred is South Africa's first and largest online credit solutions platform. Their simple and convenient revolving credit facility allows consumers to shop across more than 4,000 online stores in South Africa.

Thousands of customers enjoy the ability to shop online safely with their Mobicred accounts. They pay this balance back at an an easy-to-manage rate of just 10% each month for all their online shopping. Mobicred is continually adding hundreds of new stores to their list of partners each month, so the possibilities for online shopping with Mobicred keep growing.

Mobicred's determination to unlock the power of credit for all South Africans has resulted in exponential growth while allowing more and more people access to responsible, curated money management.

The Challenge: It's All About 'Trust'


The financial services industry — more than any other — is built on trust. So, when it comes to managing people's money and credit, one's reputation is everything. For Mobicred especially, their customers' Hellopeter opinions are central to what they do.

"People can be quite sensitive to negative reviews since our product affects their ability to make the purchases they need to make, whether this be a new laptop for pursuing education, an important birthday or anniversary gift, or even day-to-day groceries and clothes shopping."

By working closely with their dedicated Hellopeter Business Customer Success Manager, Rochelle Thompson, they were able to easily start collecting more positive reviews. They even improve their timing so that customers were asked to review their services straight after their interaction with Mobicred, while the experience is still top of mind. 

"Things sometimes don’t happen quite as quickly or seamlessly as we aim to provide, and we found that these customer experiences were the ones filling up our Hellopeter page. We needed our customers to hear about the positive experiences in our customer’s lives, thereby increasing our social proof and gaining the trust of South Africans."

Rochelle Post - FB

"This resulted in more reviews being written, more positive sentiment being shared, and more recognition of the hard work that our customer service agents were doing."


That Mobicred Personal Touch


In this 'trust-defined' industry, the challenge for Mobicred was that many of their negative interactions were shared publicly on their Hellopeter page, giving consumer page visitors an inaccurate snapshot of their customer feedback.

"While we understood that the occasional negative review is often a good thing, as it lets customers know that you are transparent with your feedback and are able to quickly solve any issues, we wanted our hellopeter.com page visitors to hear a bit more about the positive experiences we had provided for our amazing customers."

B2B Mobicred Blog 1

The Solution: Hellopeter's Easy-to-use Approach


The major impediment to growing one's review community and optimising one's online reputation is often a lack of easily accessible, actionable knowledge.

It's all very well seeking out thought-leadership articles and white papers discussing potential solutions. However, as all business leaders know, gaining theoretical knowledge is one thing, but the contextual application is quite another. To this end, Hellopeter Business has an entire team of professionally-qualified, dedicated Customer Success agents, trained and experienced in designing bespoke solutions to the challenge of attracting more positive reviews and burnishing our business's online reputation.

"As a business, we demand and expect high levels of care from our service providers, and Hellopeter's Customer Success team went above and beyond in helping us to input a specific, targeted plan of action to improve Mobicred's positive review rate."

This included:

  • Improving their review invitation timing to ensure they communicate with their customers when they are most likely to respond with a review
  • Closely monitoring their Hellopeter.com page performance and constantly evaluate feedback to action improvements they pick up in real-time
  • Using the Hellopeter.com platform to share the Hellopeter WhatsApp Review option directly with customers in chat.
  • Sending customers Review Invites directly from their Hellopeter email channel, allowing for speed and convenience
  • Responding to all reviews, whether negative or positive, thereby demonstrating that they are responsive and care about their customers' experiences
  • Creating an internal reward system incentivising employees to offer service that gains positive feedback
  • Turning their best reviews into beautiful Social Ads shared across all digital channels, providing Social Proof
  • Upgrading their package to be able to collect and respond to a larger volume of reviews

The Results 


Mobicred Financial Services Average Star Rating increased from 1.4 in July 2021 to a high of 4.6 in April 2022. In the same time period, Mobicred has significantly increased the number of reviews collected, with solicited reviews (Hellopeter.com review invitations) far outweighing organic reviews.

Mobicred's industry Ranking has also significantly improved, moving from a 2.8 rating in July 2022 to enjoying the number one spot across Financial Services during April 2022 (9.2 Trust Index).

They've also recently taken advantage of linking their Google Business Reviews to their Hellopeter platform, allowing for centralised ease of access and review management.

B2B Mobicred Blog 2

"Our efforts, with the help of Hellopeter's Customer Success team, showed immediate dividends, with more positive sentiments shared and better recognition of the hard work our customer service agents were doing.



Our team is stronger, our business is more trustworthy and credible, and we have just added our Google business reviews to easily manage and improve that rating from within the Hellopeter platform. We also plan to add the review widget to our website so that new customers can view the positive experiences our customers continue to have with us."

Join the ranks of South Africa's Top Businesses 

If your business is ready to leverage your review community towards verifiable, long-term value, sign up for your FREE Hellopeter Business account.

Embrace the future of customer experience, and orient your business towards growth, today!

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