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Cielo x Hellopeter Business: Customer Success Story


Aug 23, 2023 2:56:14 PM

The Company

Cielo is a South African furniture retailer, offering a wide range of living room, bedroom and dining room furniture. They have ten retail stores throughout the country, and also offers online shopping and delivery for your convenience. 

As a well-known brand, they have to ensure they actively manage their online reputation to ensure their customers are happy. Here's how they used Hellopeter Business to help them.

The Challenge

Staying on top of customer feedback can be challenging, especially when you have multiple physical stores and an online store. 

"Initially, our sales staff sent email links to clients, requiring them to create a Hellopeter profile to provide a rating. However, after reevaluating our approach, we realised we were only receiving feedback from a limited number of clients who either had an existing Hellopeter profile or took the extra time to create one. This was a cumbersome process, whereby only a small percentage of our customers participated in rating our service delivery and customer experience."

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The Solution

At Hellopeter Business, we try to find ways for businesses to simplify the review collection, management, and publishing process. Bulk uploads are one of these solutions Cielo found especially useful.

Instead of sending a "Write a review" link, prompting customers to go to the Hellopeter website, log in or sign up, they started sending out email review invites. What's great about this is that customers can write their review in the actual email – without having to leave their inbox.

"In response to this challenge, we've implemented a new strategy. We've expanded the platform to include all frontline employees directly interacting with our clients. We created a SharePoint form available to all employees to add client details and upload bulk requests throughout the day. This means all sales assistants in our physical stores and online, dispatching teams nationwide, and all customer service liaisons are now involved in the feedback collection process."

By sending out these bulk email invites, Cielo was able to collect more reviews in a less time-consuming and more efficient way.


The Results

Understanding exactly what your customers think (and, more importantly, say) about your brand out there is of the utmost importance. It gives you valuable insight into your business and its performance, and gives you ideas of how you can improve. 

"By involving a broader group of employees in our feedback initiatives, we aim to gather insights from a more diverse range of customers. This will enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customer's experiences, preferences, and needs, leading to improved products, services, and overall customer satisfaction. By driving positive Hellopeter reviews, we would enhance our overall reputation and credibility among potential clients by influencing their purchasing decisions. As a growing retailer, positive reviews build trust as it shows that we deliver on our promises, thus increasing the customer experience, sales, and revenue."

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