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Why Customers Read Reviews


Aug 15, 2022 3:27:33 PM

These days, customers trust online reviews like they trust the opinions of their friends and family. In fact, most people are constantly searching online to read reviews and base their buying decisions on what they read.

Here are some key reasons why your customers read online reviews about your business.

1. They Want to Make Better Choices

This is probably the biggest reason people write and read reviews on trusted online review platforms like Hellopeter. They want to learn from other customers' experiences and then "pay it forward" by sharing their own wisdom too.

2. They Want to See Snippets of Other People's Lives 

With social media, customers are constantly sharing what's on their minds, what they're up to, where they're going, etc. Similarly, reviews are also a form of self-expression! 

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3. They Want to Pick The Best in The Biz 

The reality is that businesses should not fear online reviews. Yes, receiving negative reviews is not fun, but you might be surprised how willing customers are to publicly advocate your business if you ask them to. At Hellopeter Business, we give you plenty of tools to help you send review invites via SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more. Once you've collected positive online reviews, it will make it easier for customers to select you as one of their best options! 

4. They Want to Feel Empowered

There's a sense of empowerment that comes from reading or writing a review. It's consumers' way of doing their own research to ensure they make the best possible informed decision. It gives them a level of control over how they decide to spend their hard-earned cash. 

5. They Seek a Sense of Community

Reading and writing reviews can foster a communal standard, making reviewers feel part of a greater community of like-minded people. We've seen this time and time again with our Hellopeter Community! Since it's nice to know that your opinion could help another potential customer, reviewers may feel like they're making the world a better place in a small but influential way. 

6. They Want to See What Your Customer Service is Like

Yes, sometimes online reviews about your business will make your heart swell with pride. However, other times customers might write you a review to vent about a negative experience. Never shy away from these, as resolving it in a calm, helpful way will not only impress the customer but other consumers will see how you handled the situation too. Potential buyers often actively seek out negative reviews to see how that business dealt with the situation.

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7. They Want to Filter Through Options 

Today's world overflows with decisions. Which streaming platform should I use? What should I watch on Netflix? Which local restaurant has the best pasta? It's all too easy to feel overwhelmed with options. Here's where reviews come in. It's easier to follow someone else's experience than to blindly try something new. Therefore, popular consumer reviews summarise the general public's thoughts and tastes, offering wisdom and guidance to the novice and the indecisive.

Why Do Online Reviews Matter to Businesses?


So, now that you have an idea of why customers are reading reviews, what can your business do about it? We discuss some of the ways you can help make it work to your advantage.

 1. People Buy Experiences, Not Products

Consider your customers' journey from their perspective. Would you buy from you, and how is the experience from start to finish? Customer success is about more than making the initial sale, it's about how that customer feels throughout their entire journey with your business.

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2. Reviews Increase Decision-Making

It's difficult for consumers to make purchasing decisions without external influence. Whether someone advises that you buy or not can be the difference in whether or not you make it to the final checkout page. A good way to decrease your abandoned cart rate and increase conversions is to showcase your reviews on your website. At Hellopeter Business, we have an entire widget library to help you do this.

3. Reviews Target a Specific Audience

Reviews help businesses zone in on what exactly their clients are looking for, thereby helping them refine their target audience and deliver products and services of a higher quality. At Hellopeter Business, our analytics tools help you track your metrics and compare these to top competitors. 

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4. Reviews Improve Company Position

Online reviews can help a company stay at the top of its game and the top of the food chain. After all, a positive review may be the deciding factor for a potential customer choosing between similar service providers. When you have an account with Hellopeter Business, you could also feature on our Top Business Pages, offering customers real trust in your brand at a glance.

Up Your Review Game Today!


Once you've experienced the benefits of actively (instead of reactively) managing your online reviews, you'll wonder why you waited so long to start. Want to see a quick demo of how Hellopeter Business can help? Reach out to us here.

Or, simply jump right in and sign up for your account by clicking here today!




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