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How Axsure Administrators manage and improve their brand reputation

Axsure Administrators

Oct 21, 2020 2:14:24 PM

The challenge

Axsure Administrators rebranded from a previous company and grew at a phenomenal rate due to our affordable products and personal service. 

We’ve proudly increased our staff members and client group as well as our product suite, which meant that online brand management was not able to be a key focus.

The solution

Our management team realised the power of the Hellopeter platform for potential clients and that our page didn’t truly represent our company objective and client-focused goals. Our team kicked it up a gear and with the help of Rochelle, devised a multi-pronged strategy to flip the page around. 

Firstly, we addressed relevant internal processes and team motivation. This included tech and digital updates to streamline our processes- saving our clients time and money. 

Secondly, we initiated the Hellopeter positivity campaign internally, where reviews were motivated by incentives. Staff were updated and informed of the review process along with customer service tips on how to get reviews. 

Thirdly, we rebranded the invite links to be personalised, and improved our response time while trying to address concerns as ethically and quickly as possible.  

Lastly, we included email and phone numbers for improved conversions and identified a process, so the client receives the review link as soon after the call as possible.

The results

When we started we had a trust index score of 2.3 which was a daunting task to face. By making slow, planned and authentic changes we now have a score of 8.4.  Our SEO was challenging as negative reviews were highlighted and unmanaged.

Axsure Nov

We’ve also risen to #9th in the industry from a position of #79th a year ago. Negative reviews have fallen off the first page of a Google search and our online reputation has improved in general.  

For potential clients, the page has been hugely beneficial from a trust perspective, and now truly showcases the unique and client-focused foundations on which our company is based.


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