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Lesson 7: Maximising your review collection opportunities


Jul 20, 2021 9:39:36 PM

A frequent comment we hear from small business owners once they understand the value of reviews is, “How do we get more reviews on our Hellopeter profile?” This makes perfect sense because as soon as you realise how powerful reviews are for boosting your bottom line, you’ll naturally want as many as you can get. The secret is to maximise your review collection opportunities. In this post, we’ll explore the four keys to gathering feedback from your customers effortlessly.

Key #1 - Use More Than One Outreach Method

It’s critical to keep in mind that consumers respond to different things. With that in mind, a simple trick for how to get more reviews is to use different avenues for review outreach. Instead of asking via a phone call or email, you could implement some or all of the following methods for your customer feedback system:

  • Use QR codes that allow your customers to click and respond. For example:
    • Restaurants can add this QR code to menus
    • Auto repair shops can add it to their receipts and signage around the shop
    • Hair salons could add it to business cards
  • Develop a dedicated landing page on your website
    • This could be a testimonials page, or a customer feedback page
    • We’ve also seen review links on contact forms and “about us” pages
  • Create a dedicated Whatsapp channel to instantly message customers after they’ve purchased from you and ask for the review
  • Add the review link to your customer service emails and social media profiles
  • Code a review tab or button on your website and social media pages

You should also keep in mind that not everyone will respond to a review request right away. People are busy. They may see your request for a review, and if they don’t do it immediately, it’s easy for them to forget about it. Therefore, you might need to follow-up a few times for customer feedback.

Key #2 - Display Reviews on Your Website

Using Hellopeter’s embed review features, you can curate a collection of chosen reviews on your website that visitors can see. This simple step shows your visitors you want their feedback, and that you’re listening. If you also include a button/link for website visitors to click after reading reviews on your website, they’ll be that much more encouraged to leave a review of their own.lesson-7-inner-image

Key #3 - Wow Your Customers Every Time

The best way to convince a customer to sing your praises is to amaze them every time they interact with you. In other words, turn every customer experience into a review opportunity by surpassing their expectations. The better their experience, the more they’ll want to give you feedback about how amazing your company is. Then, embed this review onto your website, and keep compounding the effects of the glowing message they took the time to send your way.

Key #4 - Make it Easy

Before you can embed a review on your website, you need to first receive a handful of reviews from your customers. One of the most important ways to go about getting more of them is to make it easy to leave a review. If a customer has to jump through a lot of hoops to share their opinion, you’ve already lost them.

The Easiest Means of Online Reputation Management

Hellopeter makes it easy to manage your online reputation, and solicit feedback from your customers. From our embed review features to our review collection tools, we make it easy to grow your business through leveraging the responses real clients are giving you. Thanks to our Google syndication feature, you’ll also enjoy having one single source of truth - one place to handle all your online reviews.

Imagine being able to learn how your buyers feel about you, and engage with them too. Set up your Free Hellopeter review profile on our platform in a matter of minutes so that your clients have a simple system to quickly give feedback.



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