Lesson 6: Identifying the best reviews to leverage


Jul 14, 2021 11:26:03 PM

Search Engine Journal reported, “the more reviews, the better.” They went on to say when a business has online reviews, they enjoy higher conversion rates and more sales. However, it’s worth noting that not all reviews are created equal. The reality is some are better than others.

Your business needs to identify the best reviews to leverage them and get the best results. This is especially important when you're first starting to collect reviews since you likely won’t have many reviews yet. The good news is, you can get better results even with less reviews than your competitors by identifying the best experiences to showcase.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Review

Whether you’re just starting your review management practice, or you’ve been managing your online reputation for some time, you need to understand what makes for a good review. And, we’re not referring to whether the review was positive or negative. Rather, the goal is to find those perfect elements that make up a high quality review. These elements include: 

  • An informative title 
  • Well-written stories
  • Contextual images/videos
  • And contextual profile data

An informative title

What does an informative title look like? It’s going to give the reader a reason to read the rest of the review. A title like “4-stars!” won’t get as much attention as “The shipping was delayed.”


Well-written consumer stories

Longer reviews are better because they typically include a relatable story that answers questions prospects may have. This is because consumer stories often explain how a real customer is using and engaging with your products and/or services.

Images or videos

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind. If a customer shares a picture of a busted box or a torn dress, they’re showing rather than telling the company as well as anyone engaging with the review a lot more than just text might.

Contextual profile data

These are the keywords and tags your customers will be looking for to indicate to them whether or not they need your specific product or service. For example, a review for an auto body shop that doesn’t service Fords will tell a Ford-owning reader that this business doesn’t apply to them, and they can move on to another company to provide them with what they’re looking for.

How to Get More Reviews

Now that you know what a perfect review looks like, your goal should be to try and get more of them. The best method for getting more perfect reviews, or even reviews in general is by using Hellopeter’s reputation management software.

With Hellopeter, review management has never been easier. We give you everything you need to reach out to your customers and ask them to leave a review, and we arm you with the tools for making the process easy. Just one click, and you can send a message requesting the review, and one click on your unique link later, your customer can give you the feedback you’re looking for.

More than ever, review management is key to standing out from your competitors. The businesses leveraging their online reputation are the ones winning the sales. People are already writing reviews, whether you respond to them or not. So be proactive, and have them write reviews about your business you can use to your advantage. Learn more about our reputation management software, and try a Free business account today.



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