Lesson 5: How to effectively leverage online reviews


Jul 8, 2021 7:23:28 PM

When potential customers are looking for whatever it is that you are selling, they want social proof you can deliver it to them. Whether it’s a product or a service, they need to hear from someone - other than you - that your company is a trusted resource. Social proof is just one of the many benefits of online reviews.

Simply by offering your community a customer feedback system, you’re giving them a space to engage and share how they felt about whether or not your business is meeting customer needs. Online reviews do more than that though. They also provide an effective marketing tool that you can and should be using to promote and grow your company, and Hellopeter is the best online reputation management software in the industry.

Our review management tools feature everything you need to display your reviews, gain valuable insights, engage with your community, and syndicate your reviews to search engines. Below, we’re exploring how you can use these tools to propel your business to the next level.

Display Your Reviews

By displaying your reviews on your website, on social media, and even in your advertising and promotional materials, your marketing messages practically write themselves. We do recommend that you practice transparency. In other words, share both positive and negative reviews. 

Now, you might be thinking “Why would I ever want to share my negative reviews?” Sharing these reviews gives you a prime opportunity to show your community you care about their feedback. It also provides a means of displaying how you’re improving your company based on customer experiences. Simply by implementing changes as a direct result of your reviews, you’re sending a very clear message that your company will go above and beyond to do what it takes to satisfy your buyers.

Hellopeter makes it easy to display your reviews with the following features:

  • Carousel for your website: Our widget library is customisable, and allows you to showcase your reviews in a rotating Carousel effortlessly
  • Badges: Our widget library allows you to display a Badge with your review rating (star-rating, NPS score, and TrustIndex) so that prospective customers can get instant social proof of how your company is excelling in its field
  • Vertical Feed: Our Vertical Feed widget is a fully customisable, SEO friendly widget that displays your latest 4 and 5-star reviews
  • Facebook Integration: You can instantly show off your latest Hellopeter reviews with a dedicated tab that can be embedded directly onto your business’s Facebook page
  • Social Ads: If you’re looking for new customers, Social Ads are just what you need! You can turn your reviews into marketing material that works well on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter without needing any special design or coding skills


Glean Insights from Customers

Insights is yet another of the many benefits of online reviews. Getting the opportunity to learn from your customers and analyse their reviews means having the ability to serve your future customers better. Additionally, Hellopeter arms you with analytics that indicate how you’re doing over time. With our tools you can:

  • Learn how many reviews you’re getting
  • Determine which sources are generating the most reviews
  • See which collection methods are working best to drive reviews
  • Analyse how your reviews have improved overtime
  • Learn how long it takes your customer service representatives to reply to reviews, and more

Knowledge is power, and our online review software empowers you to improve your company and increase your bottom line.

Improve Customer Engagement

Happy customers are just a few interactions away from becoming your best brand ambassadors and loyal advocates. With Hellopeter and consistent review management, you can easily engage with your happiest customers to develop long term relationships. As you build trust with them, you can leverage these relationships into more referrals, and as a result, more sales. We give you the ability to send emails and SMS messages to keep in touch, and interact with ease.

Improve Search Engine Rankings with Syndication

With Hellopeter you can syndicate your reviews to search engines for better search engine result pages (SERPs) rankings. Your business’s Hellopeter reviews and star ratings are sent automatically to Google on a daily basis, and these ratings can give your website a healthy SEO  boost. More customers will be driven to your website instead of your competitors giving you the opportunity to win more sales.

Hellopeter also receives nearly 50,000 visitors to our website daily searching for businesses just like yours. Simply by having glowing reviews on our website, you increase your chances of earning new business.

And, as a bonus, by using a third-party verifier that certifies your business’s reviews being displayed can be trusted, you’ll enjoy a boost to conversion rates across your business.

Hellopeter: The Best Way to Leverage Online Reviews

We’ve shared the benefits of online reviews. We’ve also shared that our software is the best method of managing and leveraging your business’s reviews. Now, the only thing standing between you and improving your bottom line with review? You haven’t  signed up for a Free Hellopeter business account! 

You can get started with Hellopeter for free, and see first hand how we can help your business earn more money with online reputation management. Try a free business account today!



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