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How DinnerTimeStoriesSA validates their unique dining experience through reviews


Jun 17, 2021 12:26:01 PM

The company

DinnerTimeStories is an innovative two-hour dining experience that is the first of its kind in South Africa. Our 3D tabletop show is complemented by a unique gastronomic experience full of fun and surprises. Diners engage all five senses as they savour the tastes of the story along with its sights, sounds and aromas. 

We opened the first-ever Southern hemisphere show at The Faircity Quatermain Hotel (Johannesburg) in March 2019 and ran five to seven (sold out) shows a week for the general public, as well as entertaining the corporate conferencing market for weekday lunches and evening dining until December 2020.

The beauty of DinnerTimeStories is the shared experience. Everyone sits at long communal tables, getting to know the people around them. Everything happens simultaneously, the story is projected onto a book, the food gets served on a tray that gets placed on top of the book.

The initial challenge

The idea of a five-sense culinary experience is very new. It’s something that’s not for everyone, and we needed a way to validate the wonder of the experience we’ve curated. 

We realised the best way to do this was to let our diners do it for us! This way, future and prospective guests will be able to vet our experience through the truthful, lived review of previous diners.  

In the continual pursuit of perfection, DinnerTimeStoriesSA considers all feedback whether positive or not so positive, as "a gift". The feedback we receive on Hellopeter continually helps us improve on delivery. It’s critical that we get this feedback immediately, so we can address all issues as they arise and maintain our professional delivery. - Paul Rouessart, Owner.

DinnerTimeStoriesSA Review

The solution

By using Hellopeter, prospective diners are able to research us through a standalone, third-party Platform that's well known in the South African community. These reviews help us validate the price of a ticket, as the reviews show (not tell) readers the culinary experience we’ve put together.  

What we think we’ve managed to understand about reviews is the timing. Because our show is so reliant on the senses and the atmosphere, the best time for the reviews to be written is while our guests are still in the middle of their dining experience. 

We’re sure to have DinnerTimeStories’ Hellopeter QR codes on the dining tables, as well as a few reminders given throughout the night. By striking while the iron is hot and making publishing the reviews as easy as possible, we’re able to get timely and succinct feedback from our guests.

The result


In an unprecedented amount of time, it took us only five weeks to hit the number one spot in the entertainment industry on Hellopeter. 

And in just six months of consistent review management and collection, DinnerTimesStoriesSA achieved:

  • The number one ranked spot in the entertainment industry
  • A 10/10 TrustIndex ranking
  • And an NPS score of 92

Our last show in KZN had 10 follow up shows that were all sold out at maximum capacity. We also had a waiting list of 300 people!

At a time like this, where we aren’t able to travel as freely anymore, we’re happy that word is spreading of our unique, shared dining experience.


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