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Interview with Louise Griffiths, Founder of MediPet: Hellopeter Women in Business


Aug 31, 2023 9:18:57 AM

MediPet is South Africa's leading pet insurance broker of comprehensive, genuine and transparent cover. And as an all-women team led by Louise Griffiths, the Owner of MediPet, we had to include her as one of our featured Hellopeter Business women in business. Here's what she had to say...

What inspired you to launch MediPet?

I qualified as a veterinary nurse in the UK, gaining invaluable experience working in general practice and referral centres. On my return to South Africa, I was deeply saddened and concerned by how often owners faced impossible decisions regarding their pets due to the affordability of vet bills.

Introducing cutting-edge pet insurance cover to South Africa became my mission. And as a vet nurse, I felt it was critical to offer responsible pet owners options to help them give their pets the best medical care available. 

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How have reviews and customer feedback helped your business?

Reviews have given our members the voice to speak to their own community directly about their experiences and how having genuine, comprehensive and transparent pet insurance allowed them to take proper care of their pets.

97% of our reviews are 5-star reviews, and as a trusted, loved pet insurance broker (not to mention the oldest and leading), our members use these reviews to make the right choice for their families.

If you could give any advice to an aspiring female entrepreneur, what would it be?

Be confident in your journey and dream, never give up, and remember that knowledge is power, and you are powerful! Stay passionate and trust your intuition, be purpose-driven, work hard and embrace opportunities! 

What does Women's Day/Month mean to you?

We need to celebrate the powerhouses women are! MediPet's office is all-women, and we're proud of our ability to provide loyal, compassionate and caring service. Women's Month is all about supporting each other and (as I like to say to) straightening each other's crowns.

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Support MediPet 

Louise is a great example of female entrepreneurs following their dreams. Check out MediPet's Hellopeter profile here, and if you've used their services before, write them a review



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