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How Exactly Can Hellopeter Business Help Your Hospitality Business?


Feb 8, 2023 5:51:15 PM

Check out how the hospitality industry's top players use their Hellopeter Business solutions to drive both customer success and business goals, and learn how you, too, can rank #1 in the hospitality industry on Hellopeter.

The Industry 

Despite many challenges, the South African hospitality industry is well on the way to recovery, with the industry already trading close to its average Price-to-Sale ratio.

While revenues for this industry have declined (to be expected given the travel and safety challenges over the past few years), actual earnings have grown an estimated 31% per year over the past three years due to lower business costs and increased industry rates.

How Can Hellopeter Business Help My Hospitality Business?


Using our intelligent yet super easy-to-use software, you can manage your reviews and online reputation easily and effectively. Here's how.

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1. Show off Your Industry-Leading Service

Regardless of whether you manage a 1-Star or 5-Star establishment, your online reputation will be defined by the service standards you offer your guests. 

According to an Inntopia Industry Study, the rating gap between two-and-a-half-star and five-star hotels is less than 1 percent. This means that guests generally are realistic enough to grade on a curve according to your advertised offerings and the expectations you have created. 

Hellopeter Businesses allows you to collect, edit and share your ever-so-valuable Social Proof with potential customers, leveraging the amazing service your team provides into amazing Social Ads to share across your site, your social media and your customers' favourite platforms. 

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2. Product and Service Development 

Hellopeter Business' customer engagementreview-collection and review-management solutions allow your business to gather and analyse real-time feedback from your guests, offering unprecedented insight into your offerings at a tiny fraction of what these insights would normally cost to get.

Through using their Hellopeter review and engagement solutions, hospitality leaders can achieve affordable, quick and easy access to unfiltered product and service feedback directly from the customer. This provides actionable data on guest preferences, behaviour and triggers.

From an operational and cost perspective, understanding where value can be unlocked, and where you need to optimise things can be the difference between long-term success or failure. 

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3. Create Customer Loyalty

Most hospitality industry triggers are defined by emotional responses. Guests absolutely must feel cared for and acknowledged, whether that means personalised, well-conceived  follow-up communications or swift and efficient solutions to any concerns shared online.

Offering guests a service-positive, holistic, 360-degree service solution, from first point of contact to post-purchase communications, drives positive sentiment and repeat business.

4. Drive Organic Growth

Up to 90% of industry consumers will check online reviews before making a purchasing decision. That means almost every single one of your potential customers may be checking your hellopeter.com business profile!

Actively managing and curating your online reputation is the easiest way to demonstrate to potential customers that not only is your business delivering value and ranking positively across Hellopeter metrics (Net Promoter ScoreIndustry RankingTrust Index, etc.), you're also engaging consistently and timeously with customer complaints or concerns and offering real-time, convenient solutions when necessary.

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5. Optimise Your Google and SEO Rankings

Having a business profile on Hellopeter will improve your business's chance of being found on Google. This is because your Hellopeter business profile allows you to get to the top of an otherwise difficult and time-consuming Google industry results page.

Our Hellopeter Business profiles create listings on Hellopeter that are well-optimised, out-of-the-box, and allow you to own visits for searches related to your brand and industry.

Hellopeter is optimised using review markup. This means that your business's overall rating is seen on Google's organic search results, and in the 'Google My Business' sidebar on results pages.

Having a Paid Plan with Hellopeter Business means you have the ability to proactively collect more reviews with our Review Invitations, as well as respond to an unlimited number of reviews. Check out our Hellopeter Blog on how online reviews boost SEO here

A Paid Plan will also qualify you for the Verified Business category, allowing you to feature on our Best Businesses page, which can improve Google ranking for broader search terms.

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Ready to Grow in 2023?

This year, we're offering up to 50% off selected Hellopeter Business Plans!

Fill in this quick form to chat to Shane today to enquire about your custom discount offer. 



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