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Tips for SMEs to Overtake Bigger Competitors


Aug 1, 2023 10:30:18 PM

Are you an SME struggling to keep up with the competition and wondering how you can level the playing field without breaking the bank? Hellopeter Business is here to help!

In this blog, we'll explore practical and cost-effective strategies to help your small business beat the competition and thrive in a crowded marketplace.

1. Learning from Your Big Competitors


One of the most effective ways to beat the competition is to keep a close eye on them and learn from their successes and mistakes. 

With Hellopeter Business, you can easily monitor your competitors' performance and gain valuable insights that can inform your own business strategies. Knowledge is power, and staying informed about your rivals can give you a competitive edge.

For example, you can see how long they generally take to reply to their reviews, which review collection methods they use most, what their customers' compliments and grievances are, and so much more. 

This gives you insight into how you can adjust your customer experience to improve on your own services and perhaps even convince competitors' customers to instead do business with you.


2. Use Customer Feedback to Your Advantage 


Customer reviews can make or break a business, and utilising them strategically can significantly boost your chances of beating the competition. 

Not only does asking customers what they think about your service give you the most valuable market research for free, but it also helps you rank higher on search engines like Google. When customers write Hellopeter reviews, Google recognises that it's on a trusted website and will prioritise your brand on search engine results pages. 

By actively seeking and showcasing positive reviews, you'll build social proof and create a positive image for your brand.

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3. Stay on Top of ALL Reviews 


Effective communication and prompt response to customer feedback are crucial for any business. Hellopeter Business's One Inbox simplifies this process by providing real-time alerts whenever a new review or inquiry occurs. 

You can filter and organise feedback based on various criteria and even create custom tags, making it easier to address customer concerns and maintain a stellar reputation.

Publicly showing current and prospective customers that you care enough to stay on top of feedback on all channels will impress them and increase their chances of doing business with you. Even if you have negative reviews, if you make an effort to resolve them, it will be even more valuable than a 5-star review. 


4. Showcase Reviews on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for brand exposure and engagement. By featuring your best customer reviews on your social channels, you provide not only social proof to potential buyers but also generate engaging content for your followers. 

Hellopeter Business makes it effortless to create featured review posts that can be shared directly on your social media platforms, maximising your brand's reach and impact.


5. Niche Down and Build Trust


Standing out from the competition often means finding your niche and owning it. Instead of trying to cater to everyone, focus on your target audience and tailor your products or services to meet their unique needs. 

By doing so, you build trust and loyalty among your customers, giving them a compelling reason to choose your brand over competitors.

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6. Create Memorable Brand Experiences

In today's fast-paced world, being memorable is essential for sustaining customer loyalty. Your brand story and values play a significant role in shaping your customers' perceptions. 

Share your brand's journey, mission, and values with your audience to create an emotional connection that goes beyond products or services.

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7. Empower Your Community

Your community, including loyal customers and engaged followers, is a valuable asset for your SME. Nurture and engage with your community through social media, events, and special promotions. 

A strong and active community can help you stand out from competitors and even become an advocate for your brand.

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8. Find Your Competitive Edge

Every business has a unique selling proposition or competitive edge. Identify and highlight what sets you apart from your competitors in your marketing efforts. 

Whether it's exceptional customer service, innovative products, or a commitment to sustainability, emphasising your strengths will attract customers who resonate with your values.

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9. Simplicity Wins


In a world full of complexities, simplicity stands out. Make it easy for customers to understand and access your products or services. 

A user-friendly website, straightforward purchasing process, and clear communication will enhance the overall customer experience and increase the likelihood of retaining satisfied customers.

Get Started With Hellopeter Business

With Hellopeter Business at your side, you have the tools and insights to make a lasting impact in your industry. So, let's get started on your journey to outshine the competition and achieve SME greatness!

Create a free account or browse our plans now.

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