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What is Hellopeter Business and How Can It Help Me?


Aug 25, 2022 3:38:20 PM

If you're the type to take your business's relationship with customers seriously, you've definitely heard about Hellopeter. A decade ago, business owners might've viewed Hellopeter as Mzansi's digital agony aunt, where customers went to complain.

However, over time, the local business community realised that up to 90% of their consumers were using online reviews to inform their buying decisions, and business leaders began to tap into the full potential of managing their online reputation via hellopeter.com.

So, what exactly is Hellopeter Business, and how can we help you say 'Hello' to growth? Read on to find out!

Okay, So What is Hellopeter Business?

At its core, Hellopeter is a reputation management software company helping small, medium, and large businesses track how the public feels about them.

Run by a hand-picked team of dedicated, experienced engagement and reputation management professionals, Hellopeter offers clients data-driven, innovative business tools. This enables them to tap into public sentiment while helping to mould that sentiment towards positivity and, ultimately, sales and conversions.

Hellopeter offers the most valuable of assets — Social Proof — allowing consumers an honest, holistic overview of the businesses they're considering while offering businesses the chance to shape the public's opinion and to interact directly with their consumers and potential consumers — in real-time. 

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Online reputation management is key for businesses. Whether you're a brick-and-mortar establishment or focus on eCommerce, tapping into what your customers say about you is important.

Now, more than ever, your business's online reputation is the deciding factor for many consumers, and how businesses respond to their feedback can define their success. Via the Hellopeter customer-facing platform, we've given businesses a space to respond directly to consumers, link their Hellopeter, Facebook and Google Reviews, access competitor analyses, create beautiful social media posts featuring top reviews, and so much more!

In a Nutshell

Hellopeter Business is your one-stop solution for managing all the aspects of your online reputation from one easy-to-use place.

How Does Hellopeter Business Work?

Hellopeter allows your business to interact directly with your customers and potential customers in a curated digitally safe space. This access allows businesses to address any issues customers may have while collecting actionable data as to what their customers want.

Collecting and managing your reviews not only allows you to show off to the world just how amazing your customer service and engagement skills are. It also allows you to grow your business footprint via increased Social Proof, needle-moving Social Ads and positive interactions.

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When you register your business with Hellopeter Business, you can immediately begin collecting reviews and interacting with your customers!

Remember, having just 50 or more product reviews may increase your business conversion rates by up to 5% or more.

We offer a range of Plans tailored for your specific business needs. Furthermore, Hellopeter review management solutions offer insight into how to directly improve your business — information that used to cost a small fortune!

For example, if a customer had a negative experience with shipping delays, you could use that feedback to try and streamline your process. On the other hand, a positive review about one of your staff members could boost employee morale and motivate other staff to bring their A-game. 

For a more detailed understanding of how Hellopeter works, check out our Hellopeter blog.

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What Are The Benefits of Managing Your Online Reputation?

Consumers are already making assumptions and writing reviews about your business, whether or not you've engaged with these interactions. As we know, consumer opinion is everything when it comes to sales.

By tapping into a space where your customers can engage with your business directly and your other customers' reviews, you help the market trust you. Furthermore, it allows your business to publicly demonstrate that you offer positive customer experiences, both during and post-transaction.

Furthermore, showing off your Hellopeter account lets customers know your business stands behind its products and services.

From a customer perspective, your Hellopeter presence shows the public that you value their feedback, giving them the confidence to enter into a long-term relationship with your business, leading, of course, to sustainable revenue and growth.

If you don't take control of your online reputation, the market will!

Is Hellopeter Business Difficult to Use?

Not at all! In fact, our solutions are specifically designed for everyone to be able to use, meaning you don't need any special technical skills to fully exploit the value your review community or customer base can offer.

If you can send an email, you can use Hellopeter Business.

In fact, our online reputation-management software simplifies the process, from inviting customers to leave reviews, to sharing these reviews on social media to accessing competitor analyses and engaging with customers in real-time. So, if you're ready to get serious about your online reputation, we can help you set your business up as the go-to destination for whatever you're selling. 

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Your All-in-One Review And Reputation Management Solution

Hellopeter's software gives you a centralised, easy-to-use, all-in-one platform from which you can manage every step of your reputation-management journey so you don't miss any reviews or opportunities to grow.

With Hellopeter, you can effortlessly:

  • Send review requests to your customers via SMS, email, WhatsApp, and more
  • Manage the reviews you receive, including your Facebook and Google reviews, from one inbox 
  • Leverage them to improve your business using analytical tools to help you rise above the competition

Hellopeter allows you to showcase your business, invite feedback, and improve your company! But, don't take our word for it — try us out for FREE today and say 'Hello' to curated, optimised growth.

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