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Why collecting reviews is your most powerful marketing tool


Oct 7, 2018 2:05:45 PM

Consumers today are starting to get tired of having marketing messages shoved in their face. As a result, people are starting to favour brands who are transparent, and more importantly, vetted by their peers. 

While advances in tech may have drastically altered the marketing landscape, one thing still holds true: word-of-mouth remains the most potent form of marketing out there. 

And thanks to the smartphone and an internet-centric culture, sharing experiences about brands with each other is easier than ever before. 

Enter: the age of the online review.

People turn to online reviews before making a purchasing decision

And brands that cater to this demand are the ones that thrive. Take MiWay, for example, who’ve used Hellopeter as an effective way to create and manage a visible online brand presence. By actively engaging with their online reviews, they’ve achieved a rating of 9.4 – one of the highest on the platform.

By gathering and publishing consumer reviews online, you provide potential consumers with valuable, honest insight from existing customers. You’re taking the first step in garnering consumer trust – a crucial factor in facilitating a purchase.

Review generation is one of the smartest marketing tactics

The reason is simple: by generating reviews, your happy consumers become your most effective marketers. In a world where the customer calls the shots, a focus on generating reviews emphasises that your brand champions customer experience above all else.

Here's how review generation helps you:

Boost sales

Whether you’re an ecommerce outfit, have a brick and mortar store, or offer a service, providing consumers with easily accessible online reviews is the first step towards convincing someone that your product or service is the right one for them. 

Thanks to the phenomena of social proof, when a potential consumer sees that other people have interacted with your brand and had a positive experience, they’re much more likely to become a loyal customer.

Increase brand visibility and organic traffic

The more reviews your brand has, the more content Google has to work with. Google’s algorithms crawl and store brand reviews, making them visible to anyone who searches for your product or service. 

The result? Higher SEO rankings, which means online reviews of your business feature at the top of Google’s search results giving your business more exposure.

Gain actionable insights into customer behaviour

It’s a no brainer that consumer-centric brands come out tops. But in order to cater to your customers’ wants and needs, you need to know how they interact with your brand. 

Forget focus groups; customer reviews give you the inside scoop into what your consumers think about your brand. And the more data you have about your their interactions with your brand, the better equipped you are to improve your offering.

Ready to embrace review generation? Find out how Hellopeter can help your business, today.

Reviews on Hellopeter have helped over one million consumers make better choices. Had an experience you’d like to tell us about? Leave us a review here.

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