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Why business reviews are the gift that keeps on giving


Nov 26, 2019 10:56:35 AM

Tis the season to be jolly and all that. In 2018, South Africans spent over R59 billion over the holiday period. If your business is able to get involved this year, even a small percentage of R59 billion number is bound to excite you.

Gift-wrapped reviews

Reviews written about your brand are a great sign. Good, and even bad, reviews show that your consumers care. And it means that you can work harder at exceeding expectations. 

A compliment means you’re doing the right thing, and all the work you put into your business is for something. A negative review means a customer cares enough to write a review.

You should worry if you have no reviews.

Reviews front and centre

By using reviews throughout your consumer journey, you’re reminding them every step of the way that you’re serious about what you do. And other shoppers have noticed. 

When someone searches for your company online, and they see a rich snippet with your star-review, it’s their first sign you’re a real (not-a-scam) business. 

When they click on your website, and one of the first things they see (from using our range of Widgets) is social proof that you deliver what you promise - you show you hold your business accountable for its actions. 

When a shopper is checking out with their purchase, and they see you’re actively asking for reviews - it shows you care about their experience.

Customer experience reigns supreme

Speaking of experience, customer experience should be your top priority (if it isn’t already). 

Customer experience doesn’t boil down to just the service they receive. It’s everything from the time they come into contact with your brand, to the time they check-out or pay. 

By making an effort with your review management, you’re able to constantly see what makes your consumers happy, and what you’re able to improve on. 

This can be quick wins, such as making it easy for your consumers to get in touch with you, to something more long term - like a full customer experience strategy and rollout. When you’re listening to your consumers every step of the way, it’s easier to understand how they work, and how you can best cater to them. 

No two businesses are going to get the same reviews, which is why review management is so important. Consumers have written tailored responses, specifically for your brand.


When you’re actively taking care of you review management and you’re asking consumers to write reviews - you’re helping your business rank higher on search engines. 

This is because search engines such as Google, love reviews, this is because reviews show that your company is current, they provide search engines with user-generated content (UGC), and they help influence purchasing decisions. 

Online reviews also make use of rich snippets. A rich snippet has more added information in it (like a star rating), which search engines like.

Collecting reviews about your business is the perfect holiday gift to yourself, and your brand. If you’d like any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.



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