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Review management and the culture of accountability


Feb 14, 2020 2:30:00 PM

In this day and age, brands, individuals and large corporations alike are all subject to the critical eye of the public. Why? Because we’re lucky to be in a time where anyone, no matter how small, can let their voice be heard.

Real conversations 

Whether it’s a student casting the limelight on the fast-fashion industry, a corporate dad who’s had enough of bad service at his favourite grocery store, or a grandmother who wants to applaud the helpful waitron at her local restaurant – we’re all able to speak up.

The advent of social media has opened the flood gate of improved engagement between brands and their consumers.

Call-out culture and your brand 

Call-out culture can be described as the social phenomenon of publicly exposing, or criticising, a brand, person or construct. The rise of social media allows anyone to voice their opinion – whether it’s correct or not. 

While your initial reaction to your brand or business being called-out would be to get defensive, think again. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity, and with a specific review management and PR strategy plan in place, you’ll be able to get the most out of having your brand in the spotlight.

Creating a culture of accountability 

Before creating a strategy on how to mitigate a PR firestorm before one arises, it’s important to look at what your business can do, and what it can do differently to stop one from happening to begin with.

Accountability starts at home, or in the office. Establish a culture within your company that respects and nurtures accountability. If employees aren’t afraid to speak up when something isn’t right, you’ll be able to mitigate issues so much quicker.

Steps to help establish accountability

  1. Foster feedback in your organisation.
  2. Make one-on-ones a no judgement zone.
  3. Everyone’s opinion should matter.
  4. Allow for ease of communication from the top, down.
  5. Define areas of the business individuals and teams are responsible for.

Bringing accountability to your consumers 

It’s safe to say that if you want your employees to take responsibility, your consumers should be able to speak out when something with your brand isn’t right. Not only does it show that your consumers care enough to help you correct your mistakes, it means your business will be able to thrive for longer. 

Why? Because you’re constantly changing and growing in order to keep up with the need of your consumers.

Join the conversation 

Giving your consumers a safe space to voice their experience with your brand is a great way to make sure you’re always part of the conversation, not on the periphery unable to get in. 

Being part of the conversation gives you an upper-hand. Instead of being called-out, you’re being invited into the conversation, allowing you to offer up a solution, as well as feedback and be part of the experience. 

Review management sites such as Hellopeter are a way for this to happen. Instead of being spoken about, you’re able to have an open, and honest conversation with your consumers.


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