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How Customer Reviews Can Motivate Your Employees


Mar 3, 2023 2:13:44 PM

An Oxford University study found that happy employees are up to 13% more productive than unhappy employees.

So, it's true – happy employees mean happy customers, and unhappy employees can be the difference between your business's success or failure. But are you aware of how online review solutions can help motivate your team?

We explore the effect online reviews has on hiring (and retaining) good talent, as well as how it can improve productivity within the team.

📝Reviews Help You Get (Great) Job Applications 

In this ever-connected world, talented employees have direct access to review platforms that offer Social Proof about your business. Do you want to know what your past and present employees think about how you run your business? Why are no high-end individuals sending in their CVs? Well, simply hop online and check!

Today's highly-competitive recruitment market means that the employee talent you would hope and need to attract is evaluating your employer and customer reviews before choosing to apply for roles within your business. Sites such as Glassdoor and Vault mean there are no secrets!

Ensuring your review management processes are in place to present your business in the best possible light guarantees you're attracting high-value customers and employees. 

🥰 Online Reviews Can Make Employees Feel Valued

The irony of running a team is that your most valuable employees are the hardest to retain. Motivated, talented staff are often well aware of their market value and options. However, a survey by Bonusly and Survey Monkey shows that 63% of employees who feel recognised are unlikely to look for a new job.

Leveraging your customer reviews can make your employees feel valued, whether it's creating employee rewards programmes directly linked to reviews and performance or defining internal promotion and career progression tracks directly related to customer feedback.

Linking customer success to career progression or reward extracts additional passive value from your review and reputation management solutions. Plus, it gives your entire organisation a transparent framework to motivate, reward, and retain top talent.

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📊 It Can Create a Culture of Accountability

In layered organisations with complex structures, finding ways to fairly evaluate employees can be tricky. After all, the Customer Success team's goals might not be aligned with the sales team's, even if both are customer-facing.  
While employee evaluation must lean on HR's processes, the most honest, direct and valuable feedback is always from the customer. Whether a specific team member is dealing with B2B clients or B2C clients, getting feedback directly from the horse's mouth will always paint a more accurate picture.
Linking employee evaluation and organisational accountability directly to customer feedback allows your team real insight into how they're performing and where they may need to improve. 

💡 Feedback Streamlines Management Processes

Understanding what works and what doesn't can be a complex process for large organisations. This often leads to employees dealing with obsolete or inefficient processes for extended periods. 
Leaning onto one's online reviews means managers and business leaders can get real-time insights, allowing them to drill down into the process, management or training issues highlighted and to apply solutions that directly help their teams improve.
If, for example, a complaint keeps coming up about a team member or organisational process, it allows you to pivot and address that potential issue before it becomes a real problem.


⭐It Can Turn Employees into Ambassadors 

Employees, especially high-value employees, should feel part of the solution. They are professionals in their field, and feeling included in key aspects of the business or team's growth creates loyalty and ownership of their individual spaces. It also helps the business unlock practical solutions and experience-driven value by the people on the ground.
Embedding your review-management process within your team and actively encouraging them to be directly involved allows for full transparency. Plus, if properly managed, it turns your employees into your most motivated brand ambassadors, giving your business a reputational boost.
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Start Tapping into The Power of Reviews Today 


Hellopeter's easy-to-use but effective solutions are designed to grow your business. We're ready to offer you the actionable insights, analyses and tools to help ensure your team maximises its potential. 

Contact us today for a no-strings-attached conversation about the future of your business. Or, go ahead and create your free Hellopeter Business account now! 



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